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Fetish Friday – Belly Stuffing

stuffed_tifa_by_metalforever-d5awbxcSo imagine going to an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet restaurant, stuffing yourself on cheese and carbs until your jeans are cutting you in half, and then washing that down with a litre of soda – fancy a shag? No, didn’t think so.

Well for some, the feeling of being overly full, or feeding someone else to excess, is highly arousing and very appealing. Welcome to the world of stuffing.

So this is just your standard fat fetish right?

Absolutely not, very few people stuff because they want to gain weight or because they find fat people attractive. For the most part this fetish is about enjoying the sensation of fullness, a feeling which is supposedly pleasurable. Having said that, stuffing can be a part of weight gain or forced weight gain but that is really a different fetish to what we’re discussing here.

I first came across this fetish maybe 7 years ago, back in the days of MySpace, when I somehow happened upon profiles showcasing photos of slim young girls, and sometimes boys, with overly stuffed, round bellies and loads of comments from guys saying how sexy they were.

After a little research it seems this fetish goes by various names; belly stuffing, belly expansion, bloating fetish, belly fetish, belly play… and can even be a part of force feeding/ force eating.

Surely this is just gluttony with a pseudonym?

No, often stuffers aren’t even interested in the taste of food or the enjoyment of eating; they’re only after the feeling of tightness and fullness. I saw forums online where stuffers were looking for the best ways to fill their bellies. Fellow stuffers were suggesting eating uncooked rice then drinking loads of water, or dry oatmeal then drinking loads of milk. Others were suggesting putting a bicycle pump in the rectum and filling the stomach with air – I’m not even sure that would work? Either way, all of these techniques seem a little questionable to me so I’m going to say “Don’t try this at home!”

Apparently the feeling of fullness can be very sexual, as a lot of pressure is put on the organs, including sexual organs, and having sex when really full can apparently result in a more intense orgasm.

Some people even like to feed their partner/ force-feed their submissive-partner during sex and find this hugely arousing. Likewise of course some people like to stuff or be stuffed whilst having sex. This can be as a part of BBW erotica or just for the purposes of having a tight, full belly.

It may feel good, but it can’t look very sexy?

Actually some people find a hard, round belly to be very attractive, particularly on slim young girls. A full pot-belly is even considered by some to be ‘cute’ and there seems to be quite the calling for this online – but then again, isn’t there for everything?

So if this sounds like something you’d be into, get some cake, maybe a couple of sandwiches, and a  fizzy drink, then have a good time!

Warning: side effects may include flatulence and burping.

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