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Fetish Friday – Ball Stretching


It’s almost the weekend, and what better way to celebrate than to give your testicles a little tug!

That’s right, today we’re looking at the oddly popular fetish that is ball stretching.

So why would a guy want to stretch his scrotum?

Well there are several reasons; sometimes a man may feel that his scrotum is ‘too tight’ and that his balls are continually being forced upwards to the base of his penis, or that his balls are too large and don’t have sufficient room to ‘hang’ in his scrotal sack.

Another reason however is not at all concerned with comfort, and is in fact more concerned with ‘discomfort’. Some men enjoy having their balls stretched as a part of BDSM play  – the pain of having his balls forcefully pulled and stretched by a Domme/Dom, or by themselves as a masochistic act, can be highly desirable and arousing.

Lastly, some men simply appreciate the appearance of a low-hanging ball sack, especially when paired with a lengthy penis!

Okay, I’d quite like a pair of thigh-slappers! How can I stretch my sack?

There are various different devices you can use to stretch your balls in a safe and effective way. Some devices are weighted, others force the testicles downwards to stretch the sack, so hopefully there will be some device to suit your needs.

A leather ball stretcher is a good idea for a beginner as it can be taken on and off with ease, plus leather is a preferred material in bondage play.



When wearing a steel ball stretcher the weight of the metal will pull your scrotum down for added effect. Steel ball stretchers can be purchased in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for you.



A ball stretcher with hooks allows for you to add additional weights for more effective stretching. Find the perfect fit for your penis then change the weights accordingly until you achieve the desired effect.



A parachute ball stretcher will provide a fantastic ball stretching experience. With chains and weights that hang down around the scrotum, this device is not only effective but would be great to wear at a fetish party.



And with that I wish you a very happy weekend and long swinging balls! x

One thought on “Fetish Friday – Ball Stretching”

  1. Love metal ball stretchers I find in the right combination of weights they feel super and overtime I have found there is a lasting effect, even without them now I feel more alive and I’m getting far better erections and a good reaction from my partner when we make love.

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