Face Slapping

A gentle touch of the hand, a stroke of the thigh, a kiss on the neck, a hard slap around the face… Wait, what? Yes, you read that right! This week’s Fetish Friday is all about face slapping!

Warning: it may leave a ringing in your ears…

That sounds quite brutal!

Face slapping is a rather extreme form of discipline within Dom/sub relationships. The act itself is very personal and intense. Being slapped reduces you, puts you in your place and – if it’s hard enough – can even disorientate you… which you may enjoy!

For a submissive, completely letting go of inhibitions and escaping reality can be part of the appeal. Being told what to do and taking a hard slap across the face could be the perfect release. A firm blow to the face is a physical representation of submission, humiliation and being owned, allowing the submissive to succumb to other pleasures.

When you first get slapped – hard – you should know pretty quickly whether you like it or not.

What about the person delivering the slap, surely there’s something wrong there?

It’s about the attitude behind the slap, rather than the slap itself. The Dominant partner only delivers a smack as part of the relationship. It’s important to note they will have the consent of the submissive to do this. Consent is key. 

The Dom obviously derives some form of sexual gratification from this as well, and can enjoy mentally tormenting the submissive. Every time the Dom raises his or her palm the submissive will quiver with fear, not knowing when they’re about to receive a hard slap.

Never assume your submissive will like being slapped; it’s not for everyone! They may like a cane to the backside or being hog-tied, but a hard slam to the head is something different entirely. It’s best to discuss this prior and to start lightly and see how the submissive responds.

If your partner is looking to take things up a gear, and even whips and nipple clamps will no longer do, it may be time to get your palm involved!

Okay, face slapping could be interesting. Any final words of caution?

Hitting someone very hard can cause damage to the jaw and even damage the brain – so be careful.

Otherwise, enjoy!

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  1. Phil
    July 5, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    I think also you have to be very careful with this and not do it with someone you dont really know, there was this cute customer at work and we always flirted but I found out through ex bf she liked being punched and I thought thats way to much for me! Also all it takes is police and her to be funny and your screwed.

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