Movember Prostate Survey Results

For our Movember survey, we thought it was about time we asked you guys how much you actually know about your prostate – with some surprising results!

Some of the key statistics which came from our Movember survey included:

  • 90% of respondents know where their prostate is
  • Yet a MASSIVE 62% of you don’t check it regularly

As well as being good for you, checking your prostate can be a VERY pleasurable and fun experience! Enjoy stronger, longer-lasting orgasms and climaxes which take over your entire body. Meanwhile, you can be improving the quality of your semen and might even discover what it’s like to orgasm with ejaculation!

Once you’re used to the sensation, why not try out one of our prostate massagers? With curved tips that target the gland and flared bases to give a secure grip, these incredible toys are perfectly shaped to stimulate your P-spot.

Don’t forget the lube and go slow! If you’ve opted for a silicone toy, remember to only use water-based lubes. Silicone formulas can damage the toy’s surface – and we don’t want that.

As you relax into the feeling, you’ll find it easier and easier to check your P-spot. Therefore, make it an enjoyable experience and you’ll be far more excited to check your prostate!

So, are you ready?

visual survey 3

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