Why There’s Pleasure in Playing Safe

If wrapping up has always been more safety than pleasure, we have news for you. Our wide range of condoms ensure there’s always pleasure in playing safe!

Get fruity with flavours, sensational with ribs and dots, and enjoy longer-lasting pleasure with delay designs.

Whether you are looking to add more fun to your foreplay or heighten stimulation during sex sessions, we have a condom that’s perfect for you.

Sensation Condoms

If you’re looking to add a little tingle to your tackle then sensation condomsΒ are the ones for you. Designed to bring additional stimulation to your play, these condoms are an essential for your bedside drawer!

Flavoured Condoms

Variety is the spice of life – or at least a good sex life! If you’re looking to add a new element of pleasure, why not try a flavoured condom? These condoms make for delicious foreplay and will definitely whet the appetite for what comes after…

Thin Condoms

Before you recoil in horror – don’t worry! Thin condoms are still perfectly safe to use for their primary purpose! However, they are designed for a ‘barely there’ feel, letting you enjoy every spine-tingling sensation.

Delay Condoms

Delay condoms are a great way to prolong lovemaking before ejaculation.Β  Each condom contains a small amount of desensitising lubricant to make the penis less sensitive. These are an easy, cost-effective and discreet way of delaying ejaculation and improving sexual stamina.

Make Playing Safe Part of Foreplay!

If you want to make wrapping up part of the fun, why not try these tricks?

While giving him a hand job, place the condom on his penis and very slowly roll it down to the base. This will feel amazing and really build up the anticipation before sex.

Ramp up sexual tension by putting on a condom with your mouth. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and can be a real turn on. Just place the condom at the end of his penis and roll it down using your lips. Use a condom in your favourite flavour to make it more enjoyable for you as well as him!

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