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Getting up, close and personal with Cuckolding

So, what is a cuckold?

Well this rather unique lifestyle choice attributes its name to the cuckoo bird – a species of bird in which the female changes its sexual partner frequently. In a cuckold relationship, the woman has sex with numerous other men, whilst the male partner stays faithful and actually enjoys knowing that his wife is being pleasured by other men, and sometimes even watches.

Urmm… that’s a bit of an unusual set up?

Yes, but, if it works for them, who are we to judge? A cuckold relationship has a lot to do with feelings of inferiority and the enjoyment of humiliation. Often it’s the male partner, rather than the female, whom most enjoys this kind of relationship.

Being a cuckold husband is usually a consequence of not being very well endowed, or having a low libido or low self-esteem. The man then gains sexual gratification from seeing his wife be pleasured by a “real man” who will usually have a bigger penis.

Still a little confused? Well, I was lucky enough to have an interview with a woman who enjoys a long term cuckold relationship – Mistress Mira, Hungarian fetish and adult model – who invited us to take a very intimate look at her unusual lifestyle.

Could you please enlighten our lovely readers by telling us a little about your cuckold relationship?

“I have lived with my cuckold partner for more than a year, and I live a life of sexual freedom. I have many lovers, I make porn and femdom videos, and my cuckold groom is faithful to me, of course.

“I fuck him no more than once every three months, but this is only for my benefit and he fucks no one else. He is a nice, dear man and I love him very much, but he’s no good at sex. His penis is small and he has a low libido. He’s a sissy boy, not masculine; he can’t fuck me hard enough.

“He is the perfect husband; he is sensitive, faithful, devoted, submissive, loves the children and does all the housework… his sexual life only involves licking my feet, pussy and ass, and sometimes he eats the cum of my lovers from my pussy after they’ve fucked me. In a week he’s allowed to masturbate once.”

What do you like about being a cuckold mistress?

“I love the sexual freedom and I love fucking real men. I love to live like a princess, to humiliate and have slaves. My cuckold gives me love and my lovers give me good sex – I need both! I am very happy.”

What does your fiancé like about being in a cuckold relationship?

“My groom loves that I’m happy – this is of prime importance to him. He knows that he’s not a real man and that he’s shit in bed. He loves to see me enjoy sex with real men and accepts that our child’s father will be a real man”

How do you think getting married will make your relationship stronger?

“My wedding will be a great party – before the wedding I will fuck my lovers, and on our wedding night I will fuck other men and my husband will just sit and watch this.

“My wedding night will be recorded and the video will be uploaded onto porn sites.”

Mira was also keen to inform me of their tattoos; she has “domina” tattooed across her neck and her fiancé has “cum eating cuckold” tattooed in huge letters across his abdomen – I bet that surprises a few people at the beach!

So there you go! That is a cuckold relationship. If you’re still scratching your head then maybe cuckolding is not for you 😉

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