Spotlight: The Ultimate Asslock

For a significantly more advanced experience of anal play, this metal flower will take no prisoners.


The concept of this Asslock combines Anal Play with Bondage or BDSM. The tulip shaped plug is smooth and tapered like any classic butt plug, with a flared based for safety and a smooth bulb for pleasure. Once inserted, this accessory transforms in a rather more unique toy. By turning the base the three segments of the main bulb will slowly push outward, expanding the size and locking into place.


In many ways The Ultimate Asslock is an inflatable anal toy made from metal. The petals will push against you, expanding the circumference of the toy and enhancing that delicious full feeling that anal play provides.

There is a reason they call it the Asslock. Once the plug is in place and fully bloomed, it can be locked into place with a lock and key for a firm and unyielding fit.

Not only does this give way for some kinky submission and punishment BDSM scenes, but it also introduces an element of erotic key holder play.

Curious? Take a closer look here.

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