Glass Sex Toys

10 Reasons Why Glass Is Your Next Best Toy

Move over, Silicone! A strong contender is vying to fulfil your sensual desires… Your private parts may not be acquainted with the hard stuff just yet, but the benefits of toying with glass are crystal clear.

With its rigid constitution and superior build quality, glass is firmly pushing sex toy industry standards for both safety and elegance.

So, let Bondara shatter your erotic expectations with TEN reasons why you’ll take a shine to these sex toys…

Glass Dildo

1. They’re Just Beautiful!

The craftsmanship imbues an undeniable sense of luxury into these sparkling toys. Beaded, smoked or delicately patterned, the aesthetic quality of erotic glass is hard to resist! Sensory types will fall head over heels with the colourful effects and iridescence of these sex toy-cum-ornaments. Easily mistaken for modern pieces of art, erotic glassware makes an attractive display in any bedroom. This elegant material is fast becoming a mark of taste for modern sex toy enthusiasts. So, why substitute style for pleasure when you can have both?

2. It’s Hypoallergenic

Unregulated elastomers, rubbers and silicones; That’s what make up most of the sex toy market, and they can sometimes contain toxins, such as BPA and phthalates. These nasty no-nos can potentially react with your skin causing a less than fun time in the bedroom. On the other hand, the unreactive nature of medical-grade Borosilicate glass makes it the ideal sex toy material for allergic and sensitive types. In addition, the heat treatment of this ‘hard’ glass means that it is a ‘lead-free crystal’, therefore, it’s non-toxic and 100% body-safe. Check out Kinkly’s Guide to Sex Toy Safe Materials and make sure you know what your toys are made of!

3. Hygiene Is a Breeze

The non-porous quality of this material means that dirt and odours cannot get trapped within its surface. So, not only is the glazed, smooth effect easy to polish, you won’t get bacterial build-up at all. Cleaning has never been easier! For extra convenience, you can cleanse your glass sex toy by putting it in the dishwasher – just make sure it’s the non-vibrating kind! Borosilicate is essentially Pyrex and can withstand high temperatures, so you don’t need to worry.

4. Precision Pleasure

The solid character of erotic glassware provides the user with the sumptuous sensation of the firm, direct pressure to your erogenous zones. Since glass toys are a fixed shape, they are commonly designed for sensational G-spot or P-spot stimulation. Above all, glass is really beneficial for those who orgasm from hard toys with rigid structures.

5. Non-Phallic Fantasy

The creative shapes, colours and styles of glass toys tend to take a departure from the typical ‘phallic’ realism of regular sex toys. This modern aesthetic is excellent for non-conforming or same-sex relationships and those who are turned off by ‘realistic’ sex toys. ‘Irregularly’ shaped glass toys can liberate pleasure-seekers to pursue passions on their own terms with discreet innovative designs.

6. You Can’t Spell Glass Without ‘Ass

Smooth glass glides into your butt without being tainted by nasty smells and bacterial build-up. The ‘weighted’ feel provides a heightened awareness of anal sensations, while glossy surfaces let your toy glide effortlessly with a just few drops of your favourite lube. Anal orgasms are much easier to achieve when comfort and pressure are combined 😉

7. Multi-Dimensional Sense Play

Glass is an ultra-sensual medium. Try heating your toy in a bowl of warm water (not boiling) or cool it down in the fridge (not the freezer) to dabble in the thermal delights of temperature play.

Textured shapes and swirls also give an added sensual dimension to play, aiding your erotic mindfulness. Your soft interior hugs the dimensions of the toy for a ‘deep filled’ sensation, while the substantial weight recalls the user to their pleasure with every movement. Textured toys made from polymers can sometimes cause irritation due to rubber’s ‘dragging’ effect on the skin. But a polished surface frees the user to glide across ridges, bumps and varying thicknesses just like ice!

8. Strong & Safe

Borosilicate is treated with heat to withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking. As a result, it’s super tough, resilient and shatterproof. Sure, you should probably lie down when enjoying your glassware to avoid any falls, and naturally, a chipped glass sex-toy is an immediate throw-away! But realistically speaking, sliding a glass dildo into your private parts will not cause it to shatter, no matter how many Kegels you’ve been doing!

9. A Lifetime Of Lovin’!

Like magical artefacts of your sexual timeline, glass toys will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Moreover, they do not discolour, bleach, or erode, making them an excellent asset for avid sex toy collectors.

10. Lube Universality

The stable nature of glass means that you are free to use any lubricant you like without the risk of melting or discolouring the surface of your toy. There are various types of lube that are more efficient for different uses. For instance, silicone and hybrid bases provide a thicker glide for anal play, whereas a pH-balanced, water-based lube is most compatible for vaginal pleasure. But ultimately, glass is a superior material for sex toys because you get to choose the lubricant that best fits your needs and not the toy.

So, now that your concerns are all smoothed out, slide on over to the Glacier Glass range by Bondara and take your pick of our crystalline cuties. There’s a style to match every desire – You won’t be disappointed!

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