Sex Position: The Swiss Army Knife

Rise and grind, you naughty lot! This adaptable sex position is perfect for The Grinder.

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Sex Position: The Swiss Army Knife

How Do I Do It?

This is one of our laziest-ever sex positions… but that doesn’t make it any less pleasurable! Firstly, find a comfy place to lie down and ensure you and your partner have enough room. Mix things up for more fun; Try lying on the floor, in bed or lounging on the sofa if you can! We’d also recommend propping yourself up with a few pillows for ultimate comfort.

Then, position yourselves with a leg over each other’s midriff with enough room to use our incredibly adaptable sex toy, The Grinder! Because of its hugely varied uses, there are tonnes of ways to experience explosive orgasms together. How many will you discover?

Why Should I Try This Sex Position?

The skin-on-skin contact of this sex position creates fantastic, tantalising intimacy that can’t be beaten. However, the Swiss Army Knife is especially wonderful for mutual masturbation. You have a view of your lover as they play, plus you’re in arms reach so you can caress and fondle their body for even more fun!

It’s perfect for foreplay and discovering what your partner likes during sex or masturbation. Try giving one partner the remote and have the other hold The Grinder to their genitals. Then, the remote controller intermittently turns the vibrations up or down and adjusts the pulsating patterns till they find something to drive their lover wild.

Plus, although our illustration shows two people, this sex position is fantastic for as many or as little people as you desire!

Make It More Orgasmic!

Now, usually, we would suggest all sorts of interesting toys to make our sex positions even better. However, this week, our hero product is The Grinder, so we’re going to tell you the many different ways you can utilise this versatile sex toy for solo and couples’ sex!

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Sex Position: The Swiss Army Knife - The Many Uses of The Grinder

First, slowly work your way across your partner’s (or your own) body, using The Grinder for intimate massage. This’ll work out the tension of the day and get them all warmed up for some sexy fun!

Then, if you’re playing solo, The Grinder can be used for masturbation with any and all anatomy. Curl the silicone body around a penis, sit and grind against it or hold it against your clitoris for mindblowing pleasure. But, if you’re partnered up, The Grinder can be used like a cock and ball ring or a couples vibrator for good vibes you both benefit from.

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Not For You?

Here at Bondara, we know everyone likes to knock boots, so we are working to ensure everyone is represented on our website.

We are committed to inclusivity and diversity. So, we are depicting a range of genders and sexual orientations in our Sex Position blog posts, including straight, gay, lesbian and gender-neutral couples. All instructions will detail how to make our sex positions work for any relationship.

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