An Interview with Countess Diamond

After meeting Countess Diamond at the FemDom Ball and UK Fetish Awards this year, we wanted to get to know this in-demand Domme a little better!

In a spare moment in her very busy schedule, she answered our most pressing questions about the world of FemDom.

Where did the name Countess Diamond come from? 

“I already had the diamond part; my parents worked in the diamond industry, and I’m quite knowledgeable about the little sparklers, so I felt it was a fit. Diamonds are timeless, effervescent and have multiple facets. Diamonds have imperfections, but that’s what makes them unique. In the industry, they are called ‘beauty marks’.”

“The countess part of my name was given to me by my long-time mentor and friend, Madame Caramel. Just as submissive names tend to come as a gift from a Dominant, so do mistress names. They are gifted by tutors, mentors and those already within the industry too. My apprentice goes by Lady Platinum.”

How did you become a Domme? When did you first realise you wanted to Dominate professionally?

“I always knew I wanted to pursue this life; I just didn’t know that’s what this life was called. I wanted to be an inspiration. I’m an ideas person, and I’ve always connected well with people. It was hard to explain to the careers officer.”

“I was in a management role, and I was stressed all the time. It wasn’t sustainable, and after the birth of my first child, I realised that wasn’t the kind of workplace I wanted to return to. I was interested in the world of domination personally, and I began to look into how I could pursue it professionally. 8 years later, and here we are!”

What was your first foray into the world of kink and BDSM? 

“For as long as I’ve been sexually active, I’ve been having kinky interactions. Even before I really knew what edging or chastity was, or what you would call it, to have a sexual partner on their knees, I knew I liked it, and I enjoyed the dynamic.”

What style of Domination is your specialism as Countess Diamond? 

“I’d say I’m emotionally sadistic. I love to win someone’s heart and then keep them pining for me as I explore eroticism, creating moments that will stay with them forever; I am wise, witty, patient and discreet.”

“I believe in cerebral domination, in controlling someone purely through the mind, almost like an erotic hypnosis. Heavy leathers, whips and chains are all good fun, but the most powerful weapon in a Dominant’s arsenal is the imagination. There is nothing more arousing than the anticipation of what could happen to you.”

Is there anything you’d like to try with a submissive that you haven’t yet?

“There’s always something new to try, and of course, each submissive makes each experience unique, but your question has really got me thinking!”

“I know it sounds really simple, but I’ve yet to connect a submissives card to my Apple Pay. I’d love the idea of them covering the contactless coffee payments or Uber trips without me even asking. I get little luxuries, and they get daily nudges and notifications that they are funding my fun. It’s fairly attainable, so I don’t know why I’ve not done it yet!”

“There’s also a lot more that I hope to do with more intensive bondage, sensory deprivation and prolonged detaining and caging with the tech to monitor their heartbeat, reactions and stress levels. I’m especially interested in capturing the intensity of this long and slow emotional journey and prolonged anguish on camera.”

“I’d also love to experience a whole room where the walls and furniture are covered with latex, but this is a much bigger project than linking up a debit card!”

If you don’t mind sharing, what’s the strangest or funniest request you’ve received?

“In my time, I’ve had a lot of interesting requests. I’m not for kink-shaming, so I wouldn’t say strange or funny in a negative way, but I’ve certainly had enquiries that have surprised me.”

“I had a custom film request to recreate the artwork scene from Titanic as an intimate striptease – music and all. It’s hard to be sensual when Celine Dion is playing in the background, but I did it, and they loved it! The oddest requests often end up giving me the most creative satisfaction to do something different.”

What five items would be in a Countess Diamond Domming ‘Go-Bag’?

  1. Putting on a latex catsuit is the quickest way to get me into the headspace, so that would have to be in there, but we’d need silicone with it; and oil, too.
  2. Latex gloves are essential for hygiene, easy to pack, and they are a lot of fun for sensory play. 
  3. Bullet vibrator – It’s compact, packs a punch, and can be used all over the body regardless of genitals. Just remember not to put it in holes that it might get lost in!
  4. Collar – It’s the first thing I put on a submissive when they come into the dungeon, and it has a Pavlovian response of sinking them into that delicious submissive space. All a submissive needs to wear is a collar, and, with the right person, they can bliss out into subspace.
  5. Tissues – no, not for the reason you think! The aftercare of a session is just as important as the session itself, and often, submissives can have an emotional release from the intensity of the experience. Being able to cuddle them and wipe their tears can make them feel safe in their vulnerability.

Finally, what Bondara products are on your wishlist?

“The TABOOM Prick Stick looks like so much fun. I have a vision of tying up a submissive into a complex predicament and then poking them cattle-prod style while they’re completely restrained and helpless.”

“The Torment Vampire Gloves look absolutely evil; I’d love those on my hands. It would take spanking to a whole new level!”

Countess Diamond’s Quick Fire Questions

1. Leather or Latex

“Latex, hands down. I could open a shop with the amount of latex in my collection!”

2. Chastity Cages or Handcuffs

“It’s got to be chastity cages. Locking someone away is the ultimate power; the keys around my neck will tell you I’m a big fan of it.”

3. Overstimulation or Edging

“Edging. Especially combined with chastity, it is SO MUCH FUN to edge someone and lock them back up without release.”

4. E-Stim or MedFet

“Medfet these days. There’s more to explore, so many different fucked-up scenarios and procedures. Recently, I’ve been exploring the idea of a medical Obedience Clinic where you go to become a mindless, obedient submissive – it’s really doing it for a lot of people.”

5. Mindfuck or Machine Fuck

“Oh, mind fuck. I’m strongly of the belief that you don’t need a heap of tools, clothes or furniture to dominate – all you need is your mind. In jeans and a t-shirt, I can melt someone into a puddle, have them on their knees begging me, and I haven’t even laid a finger on them.”

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