Sex Position: The Private Dance

Oh! What a feelin’, when they’re kneelin’ at your feet and thrusting to the beat! Take your passion and make this sex position happen.

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Sex Position: The Private Dance

How Do I Do It?

Take to the stage and start with the receiver sitting at the edge of a chair and leaning back. A dining chair or wheelless desk chair might be best as they leave sides exposed for the giver to get in close.

The giver should then go down on one knee, one leg to the side of the chair, and scoot in to kneel between their partner’s thighs. Either wrap the receiver’s legs around the giver’s waist, or put one leg over their shoulder for deep penetrating thrusts.

Why Should I Try This Sex Position?

There are some great anchor points so both of you can put your back (or at least your hips) into it! But, what makes this sex position stand out is its intimate nature. Not only is there deep penetration for G-spot or P-spot stimulation, but being face-to-face with your partner through every moan is incredibly erotic. Hold each other’s gaze as you orgasm to make it a truly memorable moment.

Also, this sex position makes it easy to transition from foreplay. Givers can put on a show with a cheeky lapdance or treat their partner to oral sex – we’ve got guides for eating pussy and perfect blowjobs!

Make It More Orgasmic!

For male-female couples, don’t miss out on clitoral stimulation! Before slipping inside, slip on a couple’s vibrator or a cock ring with a vibrating bumper to add a buzzing bounce to your sexy fun. Don’t forget to slick up these toys with lubricant to make putting them on/in that little bit easier! Speaking of easier, extension sleeves are a cock’s cheat code to deeper penetration.

Make the night more Magic Mike than the Fully Monty, and commit to the bit with some stripper-worthy sexy underwear. You can put that lube to good use to give you that ‘danced my socks off’ shine – plus if you use water-based lube, it’ll be less greasy than baby oil!

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