Sex Position: The All You Can Eat

Indulge in your sinful desires and dive face-first into this devilishly twisted take on the 69-sex position!

How Do I Do It?

When we say ‘go down’ we don’t normally mean to hell, but this diabolical twist on the classic 69 sex position will make you feel like a naughty sinner.

Start by having one person sit on the floor, ideally with their back against a bed or the wall; This will give them more stability to support the standing partner. The Sitter spreads their legs, providing plenty of room for their partner’s head and mouth. The Stander then puts their feet on either side of their partner’s legs facing away from them. This means when they bend over, their tushie and vagina/penis will be at the perfect height for the Sitter to lavish with attention 😈

We admit this is a fiendish position; It requires balance, core strength, and decent communication. Plus, you can only hang upside down like a bat for so long! So, why not switch places halfway through to give your lover a break and experience their pleasure from another angle? Do what comes (super)naturally and take this position to the bed if standing on your head isn’t your thing.

Why Should I Try This Sex Position?

This is a wicked way to mix up oral sex, you lucky devils! Not only does it give your partner a fantastic view of your arse, but it also leaves their hands free to tempt and tease your erogenous zones, making your knees tremble. Butt, if you’re looking to really spice things up, why not try rimming? Give into that dark desire and try something naughty; you know you want to!

Never mind Satan, do you adore your partner’s body? Well, this position is perfect for indulging in body worship! Bend over backwards for their pleasure, and maybe they’ll bless you with praise.

Make It More Orgasmic!

While this demonic position is already pretty intense, you can still experience the seven deadly sins with tempting sex toys and lustful lingerie. Don a bondage hood or bewitching bra set and lead your partner down the path of sin.

As this is a more advanced position, we’d recommend trying this as a finishing move. Get your partner hot and bothered with intensely textured dildos and orgasmic massage wands, then bend them over for a climax that’ll have them speaking in tongues.

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Not For You?

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