Suction Dildos – Wall-Banging Fun

Wall mounted sex toys! Heard of them? You’ve probably seen them, maybe even used them without realising that you could have gotten yourself off by sticking it to a wall. That’s right, hands-free fun with Suction Dildos.

Dildos with suctions cups on the base are made so you can stick them to certain surfaces and give yourself a literal joyride! Many people will go straight to sticking their dildo on a wall and not think much else of it, but there are so many more ways to use this amazing toy. You can mount them on chairs, the floor or in the shower or bathtub – the possibilities are endless.


Realistic dildo with balls and suction cup

If you’re a newbie and haven’t got much experience with this way of getting yourself off, then we recommend sticking them to the floor to begin with. This way, it’s just like cowgirl on a person. This is the perfect practice if you want to explore what really tickles your soft spots. You can try whenever you want and can figure out what works for you.

Just remember, that for a suction cup to stick to a surface it needs some moisture. Lick the back, stick it on and away you go! If all else fails and that dick just won’t stay put, then it may be because your surface just isn’t smooth enough (sometimes bumpy textures don’t allow for a seal to be created). It’s a learning curve, and you will probably end up unattached from the wall or floor at an inconvenient moment but it takes some practice so don’t feel disheartened. Once you figure out the kinks, you won’t be sorry.

Man about to masturbate by anal using suction dildo

With the ability to ride your dildo wherever you desire, it’s hard to not instantly think about the shower. Now this is an obvious decision to make and of course, we recommend you try this, but be sure to consider a few things first. It can be dangerous! Put together the combination of water, soap and slippery surfaces, and right there you have a sequence for a hilarious GIF. Be aware that you could slip, so take it easy and watch out for those suds. Not only that, but if you’re thinking about attaching the suction cup to your glass door (we know it sticks well to glass) then we would advise you have a really strong one, so it won’t come out of its tracks or shatter whilst you’re banging your door!

Who doesn’t like a bit of doggy style?! Well we know that everyone loves it, so why not experiment and back on to your new best friend. It may be a bit of a balancing game if you don’t prepare and make sure you have some sturdy furniture to hold onto. It’s much more fun to face away from the wall than try and hug the flat wall whilst attempting to reach your O.

Welcome to the world of hands free! You’ve made it. Now put those hands to good use and find that clit, stroke those nips and give yourself the loving you deserve.

Brunette woman with her head back and mouth open in orgasmic pose

A suction dildo is just like any other when it comes to maintaining and cleaning. You may realise that your dildo like the wall a little too much, and doesn’t look like it will unstick. Do not panic! You will not have to leave your pink sparkly dildo hanging like an ornament for your parents to walk in on, or for your partner to use as a coat hanger. Don’t rip it off with force, because this could damage the dildo or the surface it’s on (and try explaining that one to mum and dad). Just gently ease the suction cup up from one side at a time – using your nails, or something thin, like a ruler or bank card. It will pop right off. Make sure to clean the surface it was stuck to and clean your dildo as you would normally clean any other toy – just don’t forget to clean the suction cup part too!

So there you have it. Go off and enjoy your newly found love of wall/ floor/ shower sex.

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