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Find the G-Spot: Where, How, Why?

It’s not a myth! With a little practice, you can find the G-Spot and unlock some seriously intense internal orgasms.

Read on for our tips, tricks, and top toy picks to discover this feel-good spot’s pleasure potential for yourself!

What Is It?

Named the Gräfenberg spot after the physician who discovered it, the G-Spot is an erogenous zone located inside the vagina. Usually located about 2-3 inches inside, it has a slightly spongy feel and becomes more prominent with arousal.

If you’re wondering whether there’s a male equivalent, the answer is yes! The prostate, or P-Spot, is a super sensitive spot that offers alternative orgasms. Curious to explore this O-mazing erogenous zone?Check out our guide on how to find the P-Spot.

Why Should I Care?

Rubbed the right way, a lot of women say that G-Spot orgasms are more intense or “full-bodied” compared to clitoral orgasms. It can be incredibly satisfying experienced on its own or as part of a blended orgasm.

While there’s a bit of controversy over sciencey specifics, the G-Spot has been recognised as the internal part of the clitoris. That’s right, there’s more to a clit than a beaded bundle of nerves! So, it’s no surprise that combined G-Spot and clitoral stimulation can be bedsheet-grippingly good.

Plus, if mastered, G-Spot stimulation can make you squirt…

How Do I Find the G-Spot?

It can be a little elusive, but never fear, Bondara is here! As mentioned, you’re aiming for a soft spot about 2-3 inches along the vagina canal on the side of your belly. Every vagina is different, so don’t be surprised if you find your G-Spot lower or higher than expected. The same goes for its size and sensitivity!

Now, limber up those digits and set some time aside to indulge in this tantalising treasure hunt.

Warm Up

It’s easier to hit this jackpot when you’re properly warmed up. With arousal, the area swells with blood, and the G-Spot becomes easier to find. After all, there’s no rush here, take the time to sensually explore your body.

Any foreplay favourite toy is great here, but consider working yourself (or your partner) up with a love egg. Toys like the Intimate Embrace build tension over time with internal vibrations, even before you get to the bedroom.

At Your Fingertips

Crack open your preferred lube, and slick up a finger or two. Slide them inside with your palm facing the clitoris, then curl your fingers towards your belly. Using your fingertip(s) you’ll need to feel around for a slightly dimpled area that’s very soft to the touch.

It can be difficult to reach on your own, so don’t be afraid to get your partner involved – or sex toys! A slim vibrator is useful if you’ve not quite found your G-Spot. Finger vibes, like the Helping Hand, are great for giving you a little extra length for hard-to-reach places while providing the most tactile feedback.

Massage Therapy

Once you’ve found the right spot, experiment with massaging or applying pressure. What kind of movement you like is as unique as you are. Try a circular, massaging motion or rocking your fingers back and forth. The new sensation might feel odd at first, but with persistence and practice, you’ll find it becomes pleasurable.

Using a vibrator designed for G-Spot play is a great option (and can save you wrist ache). The key difference between a typical vibe and one made for G-Spots is their tip. Mirroring the position of your fingers, their curvy bodies, as seen on our Aqua, or distinct heads, let you direct their vibrations right to your G-Spot.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Just like flicking your bean, cracking open the toy box is surefire to improve your sexperience. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to G-Spot goodies! Vibrating, non-vibrating, girthy, slimline, glass, metal, silicone, each has its own advantages.

A general rule of thumb when you’re shopping for these sex toys is that G-Spots respond well to firm pressure. So, materials that are rigid, like steel and glass, are perfect for this pinpointed intensity. I’m a fan of the Glacier Gold Rush, as its double curve sits comfortably in hand and is super easy to enjoy.

Whether you like that rocking or massaging motion mentioned earlier, rabbit vibrators are a great way to stimulate your clit and explore your G-Spot. There are even fancy moving options that replicate the cum hither motion of your fingers, or have rotating heads like the Wiggly Wabbit; ideal if you’re curious to experience blended orgasm, or want to draw out your G-Spot pleasure.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sex toy innovations are always on the march. Just this year saw the launch of the Womanizer OG, which applies the same air pulse technology of clitoral suction toys to the G-Spot.

There really is a toy and sensation for every taste, it’s just a matter of experimenting and finding the one you like!


Stimulating the G-Spot during penetrative sex isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s not impossible either. The key is to pick a position that gives you deep penetration and allows your partner’s penis or strap-on to rub against the front vaginal wall where that sneaky G is hiding.

Variations of cowgirl and doggy style are a good place to start, you want your hips nice and mobile so you can find just the right angle. Why not try one of our G-Spot-approved sex positions below:

Just Incase…

If you’re struggling, remember that it’s not a race, and there’s no pressure to achieve anything here. Don’t forget our bodies are unique. All it takes is having low sensitivity or a thicker vaginal wall to make this harder for some than others. It can take time to get used to new sensations, so don’t rush it.

Even if you don’t enjoy G-Spot play, it’s not the end of the world. Some people find it too intense, verging on unpleasant. As long as you have a fulfilling sex life regardless, don’t fret.

At least you can say you tried!

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