The Five Best Places to Have Sex

The bedroom may be the most popular location (and don’t get us wrong, it certainly has its perks!) but what are the other best places to have sex?

Fantasises of the beach and pool are probably the first that spring to mind. While these spots are great for foreplay, in practice they aren’t so sexy. We’re sorry to burst your erotic bubble but getting jiggy on the beach will jiggle that sand into places it should never be. And the pool? Say goodbye to natural lubrication and hello to an infection.

For the main show, we recommend these five places…

Couple having sex outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Get the best of both worlds by finding a spot that’s tucked away. Giving you some privacy from others (and others from you!), you’ll still enjoy the thrill of being caught. Feel the cool breeze against your bare skin and get in touch with nature. Be it in your garden or on a boat, we challenge you not to get turned on by outdoor sex.

Invite Only Event

Be it a wedding or a birthday, make an event a little more exciting by sneaking off to have sex. As the party continues while you make your exit, get off on the buzz of your dirty little secret.

A word of advice: before you make your re-entrance, double check your appearance; smudged lipstick, messy hair and ruffled clothes will immediately give the game away!

Please do not disturb door sign

Do Not Disturb

Particularly good if you have kids, escape for the night by checking into a fancy hotel. Be it a minibreak away or 10 minutes down the road, have zero distractions as you misbehave. As you head up to your room, warm up with some Christian Grey inspired lift foreplay.

Hotels give you the perfect opportunity for some stranger-in-a-bar roleplay, so use this time to have some fun. Order some room service and leave all the effort to someone else.

Heat Things Up

Remain in the safety of your own home while still enjoying the excitement of new scenery. The perfect leverage for some powerful, deep stimulation, hop onto the counter tops or kitchen table and cook up a storm.

Please only do this one if you live alone! No one wants to prepare their dinner where their housemate’s bum was – but either way, make sure you get out the anti-bacterial spray afterwards!

Woman playing footsie underneath work desk

Playing 9-5

Liven up your 9-5 with some kinky, workday action. Whether it’s to start your morning with a climatic bang, give you both a midday boost or after-hours mischief, you’ll never look at that desk or office the same way again. Even better, we’re sure it’ll give your work ethic a welcome boost…


Where’s the best place you’ve ever had sex? Let us know in the comments below.

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