Singles Awareness Day and Why We Love It

Valentine’s Day is finally over and, for those of us who are single, now is our time to shine. For the past few weeks, we’ve been bombarded with enough romance, love hearts and candles to make us gag. Now we can step out of the shadows and celebrate our single life. Our life that means there’s no snoring in bed, no hair grips everywhere and no one stealing the duvet.

Today is Single’s Awareness Day and, while it may not be taken quite as seriously as other holidays, that shouldn’t make it any less celebrated. The pessimistic (i.e. jealous) people, nickname today as S.A.D. when really, we’re just being thankful for our single, entire-tub-of-ice-cream-for-me life.

Turn up the Chaka Khan and belt out the Boys are Back in Town as we appreciate Singles Awareness Day and why we love it.

Don’t Be a Shrinking Violet

You do not need someone else to buy flowers for you. You are a strong, independent person and if you want to surround yourself with roses, no one should stop you. They’re the symbol of love, and who do you love most? YOURSELF.

If you fancy going that extra mile, you could even get a bouquet delivered to yourself at work – the look on your colleagues’ faces will be priceless. There’s no love like self-love.

Group of friends drinking wine outside

Hook Up With Your Friends

Not literally, unless friends with benefits is something you fancy exploring. If there’s a few of you that have spent the past week in hiding, gather together and go out. Proudly announce ‘I’m sorry, I’m with my friends’ when you’re approached at the bar and show off your best moves when Single Ladies comes on.

Or, stay at home and watch a Margot Robbie film as you dream of her being your girlfriend. We definitely prefer the first option, but whatever floats your boat.


Date Yourself

When you’re single, it can be easy to start questioning if there’s something wrong with you. There isn’t. Break away from the negativity and take Single’s Awareness Day to appreciate everything that’s good about you.

You could start a diary to note down the highlights of your day, what you’ve learnt and how you’ve made someone happy. Go into as little or as much depth as you like. We all have down days – whether we’re single or in a relationship – and reading back on these moments gives a confidence boost at the times we need it the most.

Take yourself out for a date. From having your favourite meal and leaving the washing up until tomorrow to going out for dinner by yourself (yes, to an actual restaurant). Be confident about your table for one. You don’t need a partner in order to treat yourself! Take a book to read between your courses or indulge in some serious people-watching. Dining alone is one of the great pleasures in life – and no, you will not be judged for it.

Man dining alone reading newspaper

Get Your Kicks Elsewhere

We’re not ashamed to admit it: one of our favourite things about being in a relationship is the promise of regular sex. That is, of course, unless you’re one of the blessed few who can talk anyone into bed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of faithful friends ready and waiting to give us a quick release or a slow-burning arousal. The best part of having sex with your sex toy? It’s all about you. You don’t need to worry about whether they’re enjoying it, if you remembered to shave or if your garlic breath is obvious – because a sex toy will always be there for you.

Besides, can a real penis hit your g-spot and clitoris at the same time like your rabbit vibrator? Does a woman’s vagina promise internal beads and nodules for extra stimulation with every stroke the way a male masturbator can?  No, they don’t – and we wouldn’t want it any other way!


As far as days go, Singles Awareness Day is up there with our favourites – right alongside National Orgasm Day. Be proud of your relationship status and tonight, appreciate having the whole bed to yourself, safe in the knowledge that no one is going to be stealing the duvet. Keep slaying, singles.

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