How to have a naughty Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Your partner might be saying “I really don’t want anything this year, really…” or they could have already told you they are expecting something big – either way, February 14th is important and it’s a great time to show how much you lust after your other half. Want to know how to have a naughty Valentine’s Day? Read on…

You may have the perfect romantic date all sought out, but if not let us give you some ideas to raise the bar in and out of the bedroom…

Staying in?

Bath time


Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday this year, which could prove problematic for those commuting home from work. Try surprising your partner with a candle lit bath filled with rose petals. If there’s only room for one in the tub, help your partner by sitting on the side and lending a hand with washing. Rub and massage your partner as they lie there like royalty.

This is the perfect spot for some foreplay. Run your hands over your partner’s body, making sure not to just focus on their genitals, unless they urge you to.

Idea: Not into petals? Try sprinkling some heart-shaped confetti over the tub for some added romance!


A true connoisseur of food


Prep everything you need in advance! The likelihood that M&S will have sold out of your ideal ‘Dine in for two’ ensemble is rather high. If you’re cooking from scratch, familiarise yourself with the recipe and buy all the ingredients in time for your evening.

Dim the lights and recreate the subtle ambience of the infamous Clos Maggiore. Play some low tempo music and prepare to deliver some silver service to your loved one. If you’re feeling extra adventurous do a ‘Samantha Jones’ and sprawl yourself out covered in sushi. Or for dessert, why not perfect your Varsity Blues Darcy Sears routine with whipped cream and have your partner lick it off.


Watching a movie?


Turn your living room into the Cinema De Lux and kick back on the sofa with a romantic film. There are plenty of great films available at the moment – we recommend The Light Between Oceans. If that’s not buttering your bread you can try something a little classic like Gone with the Wind or Casablanca.

OR if you’re feeling adventurous… rent an erotic movie and play along with the storyline.


Going Out?

Obviously, you will have sorted your restaurant months in advance to make sure you get a seat. If not, you’ll need to book right away! Once you’ve had the chef’s set Valentine’s menu and completed anything else you had on the agenda, you’ll be making your way home or to a hotel!


If you’re staying in a hotel for the night, order a bottle of champagne to your room ready for your arrival. How about having the hotel staff sprinkle rose petals over the room to set the scene? Once you enter, your partner will be over the moon that you’ve gone to so much effort, and they’ll no doubt reward you for it.

Set the scene with dim lighting and some mood music (if available to you). Bring along some massage oils and turn your hotel room into a sensual retreat. Make the most of the room service and have them deliver you some strawberries and melted chocolate.


hthanvd-5You can introduce the blindfold at any point during your evening, but we recommend you bring it out just before making sweet, sweet love. Once you hinder one of your partner’s senses, the rest of them become heightened in anticipation.

Blindfold your partner and leave it a few moments before you begin touching them softly. Tease them with soft strokes and let the air of your breath brush their neck. Place your hands lightly on their hips and gently blow cool air over their stomach and groin. You don’t want to dive right in, so start by teasing with a few licks and nips to drive your Mr or Mrs wild.

This is the perfect opportunity to whip out the sex toys. Your favourite vibrator maybe? Or maybe a prostate toy you’ve been waiting to try out on him. Making sure your partner is adequately lubricated, use the toys to stimulate their sweet spots. Play periodically; the start-and-stop technique will have your partner coming in no time.

Tie me up, tie me down


If you haven’t got a secret box of tricks, using a tie, a loose scarf or even a shirt will act as a sexy alternative for tying up your partner. If you’re looking to invest, try handcuffsbed restraints or bondage rope.

This is an extremely erotic experience for both partners, giving control over to the other. You don’t have to limit this to the bed. Tie them to a chair, a door frame or even the shower rail if you fancy getting wet. Ensure they’ll be comfortable for an extended amount of time as you’ll be working your magic slowly.

Whether you begin masturbating in front of your partner to get them excited (many people get off to this), or work your magic on them by running to lips, hands and tongue all over them – once they’re equally as excited, you can untie your partner and delve into some hot intercourse. Or, you can keep them tied up, using your tongue and hands to get them to the peak of pleasure. Use your body to drive them crazy until they beg you to untie them; or better yet, until they break free and take control!



It’s easy to get stuck in a routine with your regular sex partner. Luckily, there are tons of ways to change it up without going too far outside of your comfort zone. Taking on a new identity in the bedroom might sound a little daunting at first, but you’ll be having fun in no time.

You could be strangers at a bar, flirt with each other as if you’ve only just met. This will get you remembering exactly what drew you to one another in the first place. Why not play the masseuse? Snag some sexy massage oil and work your hands until you’re both smooth, silky and ready to be touched further. You can even set up the atmosphere with some mood music, candles and even a tunic if you wish!

Doctor and nurse, boss and employee, hotel maid and guest… each of these tells their own story, which one will be yours?

Make the most of your naughty Valentine’s evening and introduce your partner to a whole world of romance. If you wish to take this abroad, then take a look at our best romantic holiday’s blog!

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