How to Care for Latex

Is your latex looking a bit limp and lifeless? Never fear; Bondara’s here, and we’ll have your latex looking and feeling its best in no time.

Read on for our guide and tips to help revive your shine.

Whether you’re curious about the feel of a slippery second skin or are a fervent fetishist to get the most out of your latex, you need to show it a little TLC (or demand your sub do it for you). If you’ve never thought about wearing latex, why not have a read of our Skin Deep introduction to Latex and Rubber Fetish?

Now, I know anything with a care guide can be a little daunting at first, so I’ve broken it down to some basics that I’ll expand on afterwards.

Use your whole hand to ‘lift and shift’ the garmentYank at the material with your fingertips
Polish with a shining spray or silicone lubeUse the same polish as on the dining table
Wash in room temperature water and pat dryPut it in the washing machine or the tumble dryer
Store pieces separately, wrapped in tissue paperChuck it haphazardly in a box labelled ‘latex’

Out of the Box

It’s normal for latex clothing to appear smaller when new. This is why it’s important to refer to sizing charts and order the size that matches your measurements. Pieces that are too large will be baggy and gape, but order too small, you run the risk of splitting or tearing.

It may also have a matte appearance, but we’ll get to that in a sec!

How to Apply (Wear) Latex

Firstly, remove all jewellery (including watches) and wear gloves if you have sharp nails. Let’s not risk tearing our lovely latex before we’ve even started! If it’s your first time donning latex, do so with a partner. This material is not breathable, so you really don’t want to get stuck with it covering your face.

Excessive force can tear latex, so you need to lubricate both yourself and the inside of your outfit. This can be either a dressing aid powder, like pjur CULT Dressing Aid, or a silicone lubricant. Avoid anything oil-based as they can degrade latex.

Take care putting on your latex, and try not to pull – it’s not like your jeans! Instead, use your whole hand and the ‘lift and shift’ method. Slide your lubed-up hands inside the garment, pushing away from your body with the back of your hand and lifting up over your body. If that is difficult, pause, let the latex warm up and then continue.

When it’s time to get undressed, the powder or lube should make slipping it off simple. Follow the same process but in reverse, using your whole hand, and not fingertips, to slide off your outfit.

Making It Shine

New latex will likely look somewhat matte, but it doesn’t take much to make this second skin material shine.

Wipe off any powder from dressing or storage with a damp cloth, then evenly apply a shining spray, such as pjur CULT Ultra Shine, or silicone lube. Next, gently buff your outfit to a shimmer. Items with printed patterns need extra care; dab or use light strokes to prevent the print from wearing away. NEVER use household polish.

Your latex will become conditioned with regular polishing, and over time it will take less effort to get that gorgeous glossy finish.

Cleaning & Drying

Unsurprisingly being skin-tight, latex gets sweaty, and sweat degrades latex. You need to wash fetish clothing every time you wear them – no exceptions.

Fill a bathtub or basin with cool water (30’c max), and add some mild soap. There are specially formulated detergents, but a gentle baby shampoo works too. Never use antibacterial soap; this can be damaging.

Use a soft cloth to carefully wash the inside and outside of the outfit, and rinse thoroughly. Afterwards, pat dry, not forgetting to turn any pieces inside out to dry the inside too. Then hang your items to dry at room temperature. Avoid metal hangers, metal can stain latex.

DO NOT put latex clothing in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

Storing Your Latex

Time to tidy up, but don’t just chuck your fetish wear in the wardrobe. Storing latex incorrectly shortens its lifespan or can damage it outright – you’ve been warned! Once garments are totally dry, dust them with unscented talc or dressing aid to keep from sticking or tearing. Then fold and wrap it in acid-free tissue paper (NOT toilet paper). This will help protect from moisture and prevent colour bleeding between light and dark-coloured pieces.

Next, pack into a zip-lock bag or lint-free garment bag and store in a cool, dark place protected from sunlight and heat.

So, now you know the best way to look after your latex without any slip-ups. Follow this guide, and your latex will not only look great but last longer too. Now, go enjoy that supremely skin-tight sex appeal!

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