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What is National Orgasm Day?

Every 31st July we celebrate one of our favourite holidays. But what is National Orgasm Day?

A day to celebrate sexuality, relationships and the pleasure of orgasm; National Orgasm Day has become a permanent addition to our diaries. Basically it’s an excuse to turn down the lights, get yourself in the mood and enjoy an orgasm. It’s good for what ails you!

sexy gay men cuddlingOrgasm Benefits

Orgasms aren’t only great fun but they actually have numerous health benefits.

  • Orgasms can reduce pain. Got a headache? A cheeky wank or sex can help make you feel better. Orgasms release endorphins which are the body’s natural painkiller.
  • An orgasm a day  or at least a few times a week will help to reduce stress. That blissed out feeling you get after an orgasm? Yup, endorphins again.
  • Improve your cardiovascular health. The more intense, sweaty and exhausting the session the better. Whether you’re working out your orgasmic muscles alone or with a partner, the increased respiration and heart rate is great for you. Energetic sex is an aerobic activity after all!
  • Not feeling very sexy? An orgasm is a great way to put you in touch with your body and make yourself feel good. Your body is an amazing thing- give it the treat it craves.
  • Helps you sleep- this one’s obvious. You’re relaxed, satisfied and just given your body a workout. If your orgasms aren’t helping you get to sleep maybe you need to have some more 🙂

Ok, I’m sold, how do I ensure an orgasm?

black and white doggy style roughSometimes there’s nothing better than the touch of your own hand (or your partner) to get you off, but we’re in the business of sex toys, so of course we recommend them! Joking aside, vibrators, cock rings and male masturbators are some of the most popular ways to enhance your orgasm.

two women kissFemale orgasm in particular relies quite heavily on repetition, so a vibrator can help speed things along for a more satisfying conclusion. Without worrying that your hand is getting tired, or your partner needs to come up for air you can concentrate on the pleasure. Our huge selection of toys offers something for everyone, plus we’re currently having our Summer Sale so many favourites are up to 70% off! 

AND the 31st falls on a weekend this year so there’s really no excuse!



40 thoughts on “What is National Orgasm Day?”

  1. Aged 66 but still sexually active. My orgasms have got stronger as I have aged, like a good whisky. I strongly think SEX has kept me young as people do not think I am this age. they often answer 50 when asked. I often feel like I have run round the block, heart pounding.

    1. I think sex keeps you young and also close to someone. But the person i am seeing does not seem to have an interest in sex at all? I have tried everything and he don’t want to do it? Making me feel rather unwanted?

  2. We all know that every 31st July is an Orgasm day. Thank you for sharing this special post with us. Sex is needed for all. I am 55 years old. I using Some “Pleasureplayz” sex toys for fun and as needed. But there are more benefits to doing orgasm as you mentioned.

  3. Bottle of bondara spanish fly, orgasm cream, 2 little pink pills. 1 black but plug, 1 large dildo and the magic wand, is what made a truely magnificent night of passionate love making, right through till lunch time.

  4. I’ve never been able to have an orgasm through penetrational alone, but using a vibrator and my curved glass toy I squirted for the first time! Loveeee orgasm day

  5. Do u know there is apparently 11different kinds of orgasms I’d love to have them all in one night!!! Would that be one celebration day

  6. I’ve never had an orgasm – I’m 23, I brought a vibrator but to be honest not completely sure what I’m doing as when I try it not doing much, I probably doing it wrong

    1. I too had never had an orgasm till i was 28 years old. My husband at the time was older than me and that’s how i ended up with toy playing. But only really like on the outside for some reason?

  7. just bought the louisianna lounger and im stocked up with batteries so am spending the day on that happy orgasm day everyone !

  8. your bucking bronco (that what we call it ) is the best ever orgasm maker’ HAPPY ORGASM DAY TO EVERYONE.

  9. After my first cock ring, I definitely felt the difference in the intensity of the release! Thank you Bondora for making my orgasms all the sweeter! Looking forward to seeing what else I can get my hands on to assist me in this noble endeavour!

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