5 Ideas For Sploshing Fans

I’m often asked how I come up with ideas for Fetish Friday every week. How did I come up with 5 Ideas For Sploshing Fans for example?

Well, this bank holiday weekend I’ll be stocking up on cider, packing up my tent and heading to Leeds Festival. The last time I went to Leeds Fest  (summer 2013) the weather was atrocious and consequently the entire site was an absolute mud bath!

I remember people were wrestling in the mud, using air beds to race down slippery mud slides and were generally drenched from head to toe.

Reminiscing over that muddy affair got me to thinking about wet and messy fetishism. So,  the prospect of sliding through the mud this weekend gave me inspiration for these 5 wet and wild tips for sploshing lovers. 

girls mud wrestling ideas for sploshing fansMud Wresting

Firstly, the aforementioned mud bath! Living in the good old UK there will undoubtedly be numerous occasions throughout the year in which you can head outside after, or during, a heavy shower and have plenty of fun in a pool of sloppy mud. Look for big puddles in the countryside or fill a paddling pool with mess and wrestle your partner, or friend, or even enjoy submerging solo and cover every inch of your skin in mucky, filthy dirt.

girl throwing cake in a girls face ideas for sploshing fansCake Throwing

If you’re a fan of The Great British Bakeoff then cake throwing, or pie flinging, could be right up your street! You may have spent the day slaving away in the kitchen, cooking up one of Mary Berry’s sumptuous cheesecake, but why eat cake, thus adding a few extra inches to our waistline, when you could throw fist fulls of frosting at your partner instead? Food fighting is way more fun that face stuffing. This summer, delight in a sugary sploshing session and then enjoy licking your fingers afterwards.

girls in bath of beans ideas for sploshing fansBean Bath

After a long day at the office, who doesn’t enjoy lighting a few candles, stripping down to one’s birthday suit and slowly lowing one’s self into a warm bathtub… of baked beans?! A bathtub is the perfect place to have wet and messy fun as you can fill it with lots of sloppy foods such as custard, cream and baked beans and really immerse yourself in the slop. Lie back, run jelly through your hair and cherish the sensation of banked beans between your toes.

kim-kardashian-sploshing-milk-wet ideas for sploshing fansMilk Messiness

If you liked Fergie’s latest music video “Milf” in which she, along with super star Kim Kardashian, were covered from head to toe in milk, then this simple yet satisfying splosh could be perfect for you! Mushy peas, mayonnaise and chilli con carne are great, but why complicate things? Try sploshing with milk for a luxurious and sexy experience. AND, legend has it that Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt used to bathe in milk and honey for beautiful skin – so now you have twice as many reasons to try it out!

michella-bredahl-cream-messy ideas for sploshing fansKitchen Showdown

For a sploshing sensation like no other, fill your kitchen with sloppy, sticky treats, cover the floor and all of your furniture in plastic and then just GO CRAZY! In the privacy of your own home, nothing is too extreme. You can throw custard pies, cream cakes, spaghetti hoops, gravy, squirty cream, clotted cream, pouring cream, sour cream… guacamole! There really is no limit to the amount of mess you can make! You’ll be picking chocolate sprinkles out of your hair for days.

Having a go at any of the above? You’re probably going to want to put a sheet down. Luckily we’ve got you covered on that front with our PVC bed sheets.

That’s all for this week. I’m off to sleep in a field for 4 nights (and quite possibly get a very wet and messy myself!)

Have a great bank holiday weekend xx

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