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Foreplay and Why You Should Be Doing It!

There is an endless list of excuses for bad sex, but most of the time if you find yourself feeling unsatisfied in the bedroom then it is probably down to a lack of foreplay.


Foreplay is defined as the sexual activity that precedes intercourse, so in other words it’s the bit before you have sex where you kiss and fondle and get all hot and bothered.

Foreplay is beneficial to your sex life in a lot of ways. If you and your partner take your time to get each other well and truly turned on then the sex that follows is guaranteed to be much more passionate and orgasm is much more likely. Foreplay is also the perfect opportunity to explore your partner’s body, get to know what they enjoy and what turns them on. This is a great way to learn what your partner enjoys and how they like to be touched.


Foreplay is different every time. Sometimes it can be fun and flirty and other times it can be teasing and light hearted or even intense and passionate. No matter what you prefer, foreplay is an intimate act that involves being close and passionate with your partner. So it can help to improve and deepen the intimacy in your relationship.

It is important to realise that foreplay isn’t always a long process. It can take hours or it can take minutes. It can be a long soak in the bathtub and then a full body massage or it can be a lusty glance and a suggestive kiss on the neck. There is no defining action that is called foreplay.

It can be soft touches and caresses, a shoulder rub or a massage, even simply kissing and holding hands. As long as it increases the sexual tension, she’s feeling slick and he’s rock hard – then you’re doing it right.

If you find yourself at a loss for foreplay ideas then why not consider sex toys? There are lots of ways sex toys can be used to enhance your foreplay. For example, massaging wands or a mini massager can be used to relax your partner with sensual vibrations or tease their sweet spots for amazing stimulation.


You could then use a warming massage oil to enhance the romantic atmosphere and heat things up between you both. There are also finger massager toys that slip onto your finger so you can stroke and tickle your partner in all their favourite spots.

If you enjoy more fun and flirty play then you could try out a kinky sex game. There are loads of dice games and board games available that will have you feeling creative and often a bit naughty. Many games include kinky dares and forfeits that will have you both working up an appetite.


Playing a sex game is ideal for a confident couple who are up for some adventurous fun or want to try out something different.

One of the classic foreplay accessories is body paint. You can get body paint in a wide range of flavours and it is an amazing way of spicing up your sex life. Just use the brush to paint a trail of delicious body paint down your partner’s body and then follow the line with your tongue. The soft touches and warm breath on their skin can be an amazing turn on.

If body paint isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger then why not try edible underwear? Yes, it does exist and no, it doesn’t taste bad.

If you are interested in some light domination or bondage play then try out a blindfold for feather teaser whip during foreplay. These accessories are ideal for light stimulation and are ideal for introducing toys into your sex life. Feather whips can create soft and tingly sensations that your partner will love and if that’s not to their tastes then you can use the whip for some sexy spanking.

If you take your time to build up the sexual tension and arousal in both yourself and your partner, then the sex you enjoy afterwards is guaranteed to be so much better.


As long as it turns you on then there is no limit to what toys, actions or games you can explore during foreplay.

41 thoughts on “Foreplay and Why You Should Be Doing It!”

  1. my husband is registered disabled so it is difficult to have a sex life so anything to enhance it would be great.

  2. Im usually the submissive one wit my bf in the bedroom. We hav both wanted a role reversal so this game could help to to bring out the dom in me 🙂 yes please n thanku!xx

  3. Would love to win this, hours of fun to be had & being Dominant my sub & I would put it to real good use.

  4. This would be ideal to spice up things in the bedroom, my partner and i enjoy each other , when it comes to confidence we slightly lack in, so this would be fun to try new things and get involved with one another without alcohol being involved.

  5. Would love to win this for the excitement , I’m exploring so many new toys right now so this would be a cherry on the top !

  6. Why should foreplay always be aimed at women? Sometimes men need that warm up too! Hope to win to bring that old saying “two can play that game” 😉

  7. My husband and I don’t play enough games together. We could really use a little bit of unique, sexy fun in our lives right now.

  8. The tweet was from the last giveaway. Doesn’t show the correct prize.

    Games are fun to play together. We are always in need of couples time.

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