Body Modification for Sexual Arousal

Body modification, generally speaking, is common in many cultures around the world; African neck accentuation, Chinese foot binding, Amazonian lip stretching, or just good old fashioned tattooing. But for some, body modification is more than an extreme fashion statement, rather, permanently altering and changing the body takes the form of a sexual fetish!

The term “Stigmatophilia” describes a sexual attraction to tattoos, piercings or the scared/ marked body. If you find people with tattoos and piercings especially attractive, then perhaps you yourself are a Stigmatophile!

Body modification can take a number of forms, the most common of which includes tattooing, piercing and non-surgical procedures, but some people take altering their bodies to the next level and do some pretty extreme things to satisfy their sexual urges.

Tattooing/ branding

There are two elements to body modification; firstly there is the look of the finished product, and secondly there is the pain and experience of the procedure its self. Here at Bondara we’re no strangers to the idea that pain can be pleasurable; we know that many of you love to spank, whip and flog one another on a regular basis! Tattooing can be much the same; as well as the look of the finished tattoo, some people are just as aroused by the pain of being tattooed.

There is certainly something exciting about walking into a tattoo studio to get a tattoo or a piercing; the anticipation of having the procedure, the adrenaline of going under the needle, the excitement of seeing the final result… so really it is no surprise that a love of being tattooed can become a sexual fetish.

For some however, the experience of being tattooed isn’t really a part of the appeal, rather it’s the thought of being covered in ink and the sexy look of a finished tattoo.

Slightly different to tattooing is branding; the idea of being permanently marked or scared with some kind of label. In a BDSM relationship a Dom, or Domme, may permanently brand their sub to symbolise ownership; this will be sexually arousing for both partners.



Piercing as a sexual fetish is often focused on genital piercing, or piercings which in some way amplify sexual pleasure, such as a tongue piercing for oral sex, or a piercing of the clitoral hood for added stimulation. Metal piercings can also be heated or cooled for added sensation.


Piercings – Male Genitalia

Prince Albert

Perhaps the most common piercing of the penis is the Prince Albert piercing, which involves a ring going down the urethra and piercing out at the underside of the penis head. A reverse Prince Albert, or, inverse Prince Albert, is the same but with the ring coming out of the upper side of the penis head.










Jacob’s Ladder

A Jacob’s ladder is a series of piercings down the length of the penis shaft on the underside of the penis. These piercings are generally rings and, as the name implies, look somewhat like a ladder.

Scrotal Ladder

Much like Jacob’s Ladder, a scrotal ladder is a series of piercings down the centre of the scrotum.

There are many different piercings for the penis and scrotum, such as the dolphin, the ampallang, the apadravya, the frenum and more, but I’ll leave you to research those on your own!


Piercings – Female Genitalia

Clitoral hood piercing

A piercing of the clitoral hood, as mentioned above, can provide additional stimulation during foreplay and sex. Some women find that a piercing of the clitoral hood makes having their clitoris licked or rubbed more pleasurable than the same stimulation without the piercing.

Labia piercing

More for show than function, a piercing of the labia can be a kinky surprise for anyone going down there for the first time. It’s no more peculiar than the vajazzle, surely?


Princess Albertina

The female equivalent of the Prince Albert piercing, this is a piercing which enters through the urethra and exits through the vagina. Supposedly, this piercing can be extremely pleasurable as it stimulates the nerve endings in and around the urethra, as well as looking good (if you’re into that sort of thing).


Piercings – Other

Tongue piercing

As I mentioned earlier, a tongue piercing can be used to orally pleasure your partner, though that is not the primary motivator for everyone who gets this piercings (as I’m sure many parents of rebellious teenagers will be pleased to read!) Generally speaking this piercing is a fashion statement, a piercing which conveys a certain attitude when the wearer sticks out their tongue or opens their mouth.

It can’t be denied however that its uses during sexual play are a huge benefit of the piercing! The stud or ring can be used to stimulate the clitoris of penis head creating a very pleasurable sensation. You can even purchase vibrating tongue bars to turn your tongue into a wet and warm sex toy!


Nipple piercing

Usually, a nipple piercing is more than simple a fashion statement (as, how often do you really get your nipples out in public?) Generally a person will pierce their nipples for the purposes of enhancing sexual play, or to make their breasts or chest look more attractive to their partner.

A nipple piercing can be used to stimulate the nipples during foreplay and sex, encouraging the nipples to harden which both looks hot and shows that the person is sexually excited. Many Stigmatophiles would be aroused simply by the look of a nipple piercing.

Corset piercing

Mostly a piercing style for women, this body modification involves a series of rings being pierced down the back, mimicking the shape of a lace up corset (an hour glass shape), then ribbon is threaded through the loops in a criss-cross manner to create the look of a corset.


This look is both bold and sexy and would be a huge turn on for a Stigmatophiles or a person with a corset fetish. A variation of this look can include piercings down the side of the torso, or down the back of the thighs.



Extreme Genital Body Modification

Okay, if you’re squeamish and felt a little uneasy reading about tattoos and piercings, you may want to stop reading now, as these genital body modifications are far more extreme!

Pearling/ Genital Beading

So I’m sure you’ve seen dildos and vibrators which have lumps or beads, down the shaft? Well, these lumps are of course there to provide extra stimulation for the person inserting the toy – but does that make the toy more pleasurable than having sex with a real man? Not willing to take that risk, some men choose to have beads, or, ‘peals’, inserted beneath the skin of the penis, to turn their dick into a human sex toy.


Genital beading will not only enhance the experience for your partner during penetrative sex, pearling can also heighten stimulation when masturbating for solo play like never before. Personally, I say skip the surgery and just use ribbed condoms!


Penile Subincision

This body modification involves splitting the penis lengthways down the urethra, from the top of the penis at the urethral opening, down to the base. The man will then urinate from the base, or, lower part of his penis, depending on the length of the slit.

The purpose of such a procedure is to expose more nerve endings, thus making masturbation or sexual contact feel more pleasurable.

Genital Bisection

A genital bisection is a procedure which goes one step further than penile subincision. A genital bisection basically means to split a penis completely in half, thus exposing even more nerve endings to increase the experience of sexual play. However, after splitting the penis in two, the two sides usually curl into one another, making penetration difficult.


Oddly enough, castration is a sexual fantasy for certain men, and some take their fetish to the extreme of actually castrating themselves at home. Although castration is something which has been performed for thousands of years around the world for reasons of religious ceremony, cultural tradition, punishment or torture, some men actually find the idea of removing the penis and/or testicles sexually arousing.



Well, I’m not sure I’ll be able to forget some of the image I’ve seen on Google whilst researching this topic, but hopefully it’s been an eye-opening read for you!

Have a great weekend x

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