Confessions of a Wanker: Third Base

What cums once a year? You got it, Confessions of a Wanker is back for a third horny helping! We’ve got more fap-cidents to tickle your pickle, sex toy mishaps, and sticky situations involving mothers-in-law…

Whether you’re a bit of a voyeur or just here for the juicy deets, see out Masturbation Month with a smile!
So, slip into incognito mode and read on for some NSFW laughs…

Ready, Aim, Fire!

“I don’t know about interesting, but I managed to squeeze so hard on my glass dildo when I came that it shot out across the bed!”

Good thing our glass toys are ultra-strong 👀

On Your Marks…

“My wife and I have cum races. Sometimes we masturbate together, other times, we’ll wank each other off. She gets dead competitive, but I love watching her cum, so it’s a win/win for me.”

We love to see some healthy competition 🏁

Bondara Sex Toys Blog  Third Base

Listen Up

“Heard my mate’s brother ‘getting busy’ with his girlfriend in the bedroom next door. I couldn’t help myself after they started getting louder and had a sneaky wank.”

Hey, you’re not a peeping tom if you only listened.

Film Buff

“I once got so bored in the cinema… well, one thing led to another.”

Hopefully, no one noticed, unlike one concertgoer’s performance…


“I use fruit and vegetables to masturbate with.”

Lets be honest, are you a real wanker if you’ve not looked at a banana and thought about it…

Minty Fresh

“My wife masturbates me with a hand full of toothpaste”

We’re not here to kink shame, but maybe try a cooling lubricant for that tingly feeling.

Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson

“I’ve masturbated holding my mother-in-law’s panties while looking at photos of her. I get so hard imagining her walking in as I finish on her knickers.”

The struggles of having a MILF for a mother-in-law 🤤

Whistle While You Work

“Sexting my partner while at work, I had to sneak off into the toilets to sort myself out. My heart nearly stopped when I heard a colleague come in just as I was about to cum.”

You’re not alone, 40% of people surveyed admitted to wanking at work!

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Confessions of a Wanker: Third Base

Lock & Load

“My keyholder went away and left me in chastity. I still managed to get myself off through my cage while riding the train home.”

Coming outta my cage and I’ve been doing just fine 🎶

Hot Stuff

“I had some ‘me time’ and thought I’d get creative with a pestle. Smooth, hard, and designed for your hand, what could go wrong? But the bliss I expected turned into a burning bush! I had completely forgotten I’d used it earlier that night to grind chilis!

Cue a trip to A&E. Never again!”

God bless the NHS 😂

Extra Cream

“My ex-girlfriend enjoyed it when I masturbated over her desert until I came, then she ate it.”

Really adds a whole different meaning to ‘Eton mess’ 😋

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Confessions of a Wanker: Third Base

Put A Sock In It

“I gagged myself with a sock once!”

I just hope the sock was clean

Sir Wanker-Lot

“Once, my wife and I were in the ruins of a castle, and she commanded me to get down on my knees and have a wank, all while standing over me.”

Who needs a queening chair when you can be queen of the castle?

Well done wankers for another year! Got stories of your own to share? Pop them in the comments below. Craving more? Why not check out our previous Sex Confessions articles!

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Confessions of a Wanker: Third Base
So, what did you get up to at work today?

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    May 18, 2023 at 11:15 pm

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