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Tamakeri (BallBusting)

Guys it may be time to cross your legs, or look away entirely, as today’s Fetish Friday is Tamakeri (玉蹴り), a fetish originally from Japan which literally means “ball kicking”.

That’s right, this week we’re back in Japan exploring yet another of their weird and wonderful fetishes. Also know in the West as ballbusting (“bb” for short), Tamakeri is a fetish in which the man’s testicles are abused as a part of Femdom or homosexual BDSM.


Tamakeri is a part of the wider fetish genre “Cock and Ball Torture” (CBT), in which men have their genitalia abused in ball stretchers, ball crushers, chastity devices, and humblers.

But as for ballbusting, this fetish usually involves a man taking a knee, a foot or even a stiletto to the nuts – owch!

“Why?!” I hear you ask.

For the same reasons that all of you kinky deviants like to be hurt; it’s hot! A kick in the balls can achieve something that a flogger, a cane and a hot iron poker cannot; deep, excruciating, nauseating pain. Appealing, right?

Tamakeri is the ultimate form of Femdom; it’s painful, it’s humiliating, it’s downright abuse! If you’re a submissive male who desires nothing more than to be hurt and dominated by a superior female (or male) then Tamakeri may be the perfect way for you to get your kicks – see what I did there 😉


So he likes it, but what about her?

Come on, what girl hasn’t at some point or another wanted to drop kick a guy in the nuts? It’s satisfying, it’s empowering and it giving you a feeling of ‘getting your own back’ for all those years of female repression.


Although there a lot of women that have thought about it, most of us wouldn’t actually do it. But some women really, REALLY enjoy punishing and hurting submissive men. These Dommes will put a man in his place, strip him of his dignity and inflict the sort of pain that he deserves (and desires).

So how may a Domme go about delivering a hard kick to the nuts? However she likes of course! Some Dommes may enjoy the element of surprise, kicking him without warning when he least expects it. Another may have her sub stripped naked, bound and blindfolded, so he knows the kick is coming but can’t see from where nor try to get away.

A Domme with a different style however may like to work up to it, building anticipation and fear. She may stroke his ball sack with the front of her stiletto, building sensitivity until he becomes aroused, then delivering one hard, devastating kick, taking the wind right out of him.


Even if kicking the shit out of guys isn’t your thing, it might not be a bad idea to get an idea of the technique, in case you even need to deliver a hard knee to the groin in a self defence situation.

If you’d like to try bb as a part of BDSM, always make sure you have the consent of your sub before you begin role-play, as it’s really going to hurt!

That’s all for today, have a great weekend!

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