Tamakeri: Ball Busting Fun!

It may be time to cross your legs (or look away entirely), as today’s Fetish Friday is Tamakeri! What’s ‘Tamakeri’, we hear you ask? Originating from Japan, it literally translates to “ball kicking” – or “ball busting”!

That’s right, we’re back in Japan this week exploring yet another weird and wonderful fetish. Ball busting – or ‘bb’ for short – is a fetish in which the man’s testicles are abused as part of Femdom or BDSM.

Ball busting belongs to the wider fetish genre of Cock and Ball Torture (CBT). As the name suggests, this testicle-tormenting kink involves men’s genitalia being locked into ball stretchers, ball splitters, humblers and more.

As for ball busting, this fetish usually involves a man taking a knee, foot or even a stiletto to the nuts.

Ouch! Ball Busting Doesn’t Sound Like Fun!

True, but for the same reasons that all of you kinky devils like to be hurt: it’s hot!

A kick in the balls can achieve something that a flogger or cane can not: deep, excruciating, nauseating pain. Appealing, right?

Tamakeri is the ultimate form of Femdom; it’s painful, it’s humiliating, it’s downright abuse! If you’re a submissive who desires nothing more than to be hurt and dominated, ball busting may be the perfect way to get your kicks.

So He Likes It, But What About Her?

Dominants and sadomasochists can receive HUGE gratification from ball busting. To put a man in his place, strip him of his dignity and inflict the pain he deserves (and desires!) is immensely satisfying.

So how may a Domme go about delivering a hard kick to the nuts? However she likes, of course! Some may enjoy the element of surprise and kick him without warning. Another may prefer her sub naked, bound and blindfolded – knowing the kick is coming but unable to see when.

A Domme with a different CBT style may like to work up to it, building anticipation and fear. She might stroke his ball sack with the front of her stiletto, building sensitivity and arousal, then deliver one hard, devastating kick.

Even if kicking the shit out of guys isn’t your thing, it might not be a bad idea to get an idea of the technique – just in case you ever need to deliver a hard knee to the groin!

If you’d like to try ball busting as a part of BDSM, always make sure you have the consent of your sub before you begin. This fetish is really going to hurt!

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