You Big Baby! Nappy Fetishism

It’s Friday! Try not to wet yourself with excitement- though if you’re into this particular fetish it won’t matter too much.

Diaper fetishism, nappy fetishism or diaperism is a paraphilia you may have heard of before and perhaps had a few questions about. Indeed, not just for babies and the elderly, nappies can be worn by adults for the purposes of sexual arousal.

Now this fetish may leave you scratching your head, and for good reason; the enjoyment of adult diaperism is rather varied; from the relatively innocent to dirty and morally questionable.

Our first sub category of nappy fetishist is the overworked, highly stressed businessman!

Now the idea of a professional businessman wearing a nappy may seem surprising at first, but after a long and intense day at the office, agonising over spreadsheets and shouting at secretaries, all this man wants to do it come home, relax and be babied… and I mean really be babied.

This man doesn’t want a word of adult conversation; indeed “goo goo”, “gaa gaa” and “has baby gone pee pee in his nappy” will do just nicely. Off come the suit, tie and shoes, on goes the adult diaper, baby bonnet and dummy, and down he lays on the changing mat.

As you can probably imagine, this is a bit ‘much’ for most wives to deal with, or at least too embarrassing for the man to ever bring up, so these men often find this special kind of ‘day care’ at the local brothel… but the visit is non sexual, well, at least not in the traditional sense. The man may find being changed, talced and bottle fed arousing, but sex has no part in this fetish.

On to our second sub category- the public diaper

This fetishist likes to wear a nappy in public under his or her clothing, either on one-off occasions as a naughty treat, or 24/7 as a part of their day to day life.

The nappy may be well concealed, so the wearer gets a private kick out of their cheeky little secret. Other nappies may be less hidden, padding out jeans to create what I like to call a “Teletubby butt”. Again the wearer will get a thrill from wearing the nappy in public and enjoy that people can see that they’re obviously diaper-clad.

For the full time diaper wearer however, this could be more of a dirty habit than a sexual fetish. Wearing a nappy out of sheer laziness or being ‘too busy’ to go to the toilet, some adults have reverted back to the infantile convenience of messing themselves right where they sit… or stand… next to you on the bus.

On the topic of messing one’s self, allow me introduce our third sub category– the dirty diaper!

Yes some people enjoy wearing diapers for the sheer sensation of relieving their bladder or bowls in said diaper. A combination of the physical wetness, sloppiness, squishiness, smelliness and the psychological ‘naughtiness’ make wetting and defecating in a nappy a very arousing experience for some.

Of course diaperism can be a part of BDSM humiliation; being forced to wear a nappy or wet oneself, privately or publicly for the Dom(me)’s amusement.

Lastly, for our fourth sub category, let’s venture East for the morally questionable Japanese fetish; Bebigyaru.

This fetish is more for tailored towards the voyeur than the wearer; in Bebigyaru adult girls wear nappies and other infant clothing for the viewing pleasure of a man. Although, of course, these girls are of consenting age and old enough to be seen and photographed in a sexual context, some people may be of the opinion that men aroused by bebigyaru may also have an interest in underage girls. This is however not the situation in the majority of cases; there are many psychological reasons why this fetish may be arousing, much like a ‘naughty school girl and strict headmaster’ scenario, this roll play is ‘taboo’ and just a naughty bit of fun.

So there we have it! Sometimes it is fun to just let it all go and be a big baby!

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