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5 thoughts on “Masturbation Survey- The Results!”

  1. I absolutely agree. Such an interesting survey and pleasing to see that this is something couples are talking about. I’d be really keen to know how many masturbate together, though … Any thoughts?


    1. re survey. My wife and I masturbate regularly together. I love to watch her cum and she says that seeing me ejaculate really excites her

  2. Hell yeah I agree, masturbation is not something that should be forgotten about just because you are in a relationship. It’s not slating the partners performance in any way at all and those who think it clearly have self confidence issues and should just speak up and ask honestly what the partner thinks of their performance. Couples need to communicate more regarding sex and this includes masturbation, technique and toys. At the end of the day if you don’t know what you like then how can you show/tell others.

    Keep wanking.

  3. Interesting that there’s so little gender difference; I had a hunch that that would be the case despite stereotypes. Maybe the biggest differences are between people who would get to hear about a survey like this one and be willing to fill it in and people who wouldn’t!

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