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Furry Fandom

Well it may be Fetish Friday but it’s also St Valentine’s Day! The most romantic day of the year, with love hearts in every shop window and cheese playing on every radio station. Whether you love it or hate it, its here for one night only, so I hope you either get lucky, or like me enjoy a big Chinese takeaway!

Being as today is the day of love I wanted to write about something sweet and romantic, turns out, there are no sweet and romantic fetishes. Apparently there is no such thing as a “cuddling fetish”, and in my unsuccessful search for cuddly kinkery I wound up in the land of furries, so that’s where we’re going today. They are warm and fuzzy after all…

Furry Fandom is a rather extreme fetish, far from the world of bondage and rough sex. This fetish stands alone as more of a lifestyle, some say even a cult, of people with a very specific interest; human-animal hybrids.

These anthropomorphic animals can be depicted in cartoons, and often furry fans will adopt a human-animal character as their online and offline presence. In animation, furries can be seen to have human features such as big eyes, pouty lips or biceps, often with sexual bodypart too, like breasts, penises and round buttocks.




If seems however that there is a rather precise scale for determining whether your sexual taste are furry, or just plain bestiality;



25380 - applejack chart furry meme meta troll_thread

When it comes to furry conventions however (not to be confused with cosplay), the costumes are not at all sexual, or at least not shapely (no big boobs, no genitalia), and this is because furry conventions, for the most part, are ‘family friendly’. At one of these events you can expect to see stalls selling art and posters, performing arts, games and panels as well as lots of people walking around in fursuits.


Like at any fan convention (gaming, Star Trek, Comi Con), there are always some underlying sexual tones, but at a furry convention this may be more apparent. People who enjoy furries in a sexual capacity may go to these conventions to “pick up” other furries, but statistics suggest that with 85-90% male attendees, the chances of pulling aren’t terribly high.


If two furry fans are lucky enough to hook up they may, privately or publicly, rub up against one another for the purposes of sexual stimulation (call this ‘dry humping’ if you may). So if you don’t want to see a man dressed as kangaroo-human rubbing his furry crotch on a ‘sexy’ she-zebra, you may want to avoid fur con!

Well, this has most definitely been unromantic, but at least you can use furry fandom to break the ice on your awkward Tinder date tonight!

Happy Valentine’s Day 😉

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