National Orgasm Day Survey: The Results

It’s one of the highlights of our year, filled with pure, unadulterated pleasure. Of course, we’re talking about National Orgasm Day! Our National Orgasm Day Survey looked into the horny habits of over 3700 people, and the results are in!

Highlights of our National Orgasm Day Survey

  • The most common way for women to orgasm is when they use a sex toy! Of course, we LOVE sex toys (it’s kind of our thing) so this comes as no surprise to us!
  • It’s also not surprising that only 40% of women orgasm most times they’re with their partner. However, the stereotype of the fun finishing when the man does is also put to bed – only 65% of men say they climax “most of the time” they’re with their partner. We’re hoping this is because they’re putting all their efforts into their playmate’s pleasure.
  • While 27% of men claim to have ever faked cumming (after all, there is some physical evidence to a man’s climax), a whopping 69% of women say they have!

Orgasm Survey infographic2

A key result we’ve noticed is that less than half of you are satisfied with how often you orgasm. Whether this is because you haven’t found the right sex toy, or you feel your partner could do with some tips and tricks, we’re here to help!

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  1. Katie
    August 14, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    I reach orgasm every time with my partner I have total enjoyment every time he enters me with all juices flowing

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