Eproctophilia and Japanese Face Farting Fetish

fart 1I remember when I was in my first year at university; a bunch of us were sitting around in our halls of residents looking at stupid things online (oh the days of having that much free time!) And one of the guys clicked on a video of a brunette girl, who, wearing nothing but a vest, looked into the camera and said “do you know what I like the most? Cake farts.” She then proceeded to sit on a big chocolate cake which was covered in sticky chocolate frosting, and fart. The girl then leaned forward and the camera zoomed into her butt, cheeks smothered in frosting as her anus forced out fart after fart after fart. Heavens knows what this girl had been eating?

I was fascinated. I didn’t really know much about the world of fetish then, and I couldn’t understand why anyone would find this video arousing. I asked “do you think someone would actually wank to this?” and one of my male friends replied “of course, bit of bum hole.” Short, sweet and to the point.fart 2

fart 3


Experiencing sexual arousal when a person farts in your presence, or at the thought of flatulence, is known as eproctophilia. An eproctophile who was once interviewed as part of a case study explained that it wasn’t so much that he was aroused by the flatulence its self, rather the person who was doing the farting. The same individual went on to describe how he set up a bet, in which the winner would fart in the loser’s face by way of a penalty, and this eproctophile continued to purposefully lose the bet for as long as two years.




fart 4

Olfactophilia is a term which describes sexual arousal from smells or odours, which isn’t too difficult a paraphilia to understand, as we are animals, attracted to one another’s scents and pheromones… and many of us are aroused by the smell of our partner’s genitalia, hence why several men enjoy smelling used panties, or sniffing their fingers after pleasuring a woman. Eproctophilia, as a subcategory of olfactophilia does seem a little more unusual however, as there is such a negative social stigma attached to flatulence, and the smell is often rather unpleasant!

Face-farting is a sexual fetish in Japan, and I suppose the name is self explanatory. In Japan women are raised to be delicate, feminine creatures who could never break wind in the presence of another person – especially not a man! As the idea a woman farting is so taboo, it naturally becomes a fetish for some kinky Japanese men.

As well as enjoying the smell and the naughtiness of the act, these men also like the sensation of a woman farting directly on their face… so one would hope that at such a close range there is no follow through!

Although, eproctophilia is supposedly a mild form of scat play (coprophagia – arousal from eating faeces). So perhaps if there were a little added extra at the conclusion of a face farting session it would be received with gratitude and your relationship could progress to the next level!

Queue ‘two girls one cup’!

No. I swore I’d never cover scat! You’ll have to get messy with that one in your own time…

Perhaps on some level, farting is a sign of intimacy, as, when we’re first dating someone there is nothing more embarrassing that accidentally letting one slip whilst laughing at a movie on the sofa, but after we’ve been in a relationship for several months, or years, passing gas in the presence of your partner is no long a big deal. To some couples it’s funny and to others it’s just a natural part of life which may even go unnoticed.

Though, in my personal opinion, there is a rather large gap between feeling content with your boyfriend, and giving him pink eye.

Well, if you’re up for some farty fun, go out for some Mexican refried beans and wash them down with a whey protein shake – you’ll be tooting like a French horn!

See you next week xx

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