Erotic Lactation (Milk Fetishism)

Many men like big breasts, we established in a previous Fetish Friday blog post, and indeed we as a Nation are obsessed with breasts – but why do we like them so much?

Whether it’s the shape, some subconscious biological attraction or simply over exposure to sex in the media, there’s no denying that breasts are a big deal… but some enjoy boobs in a very different way to others.

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Breasts are functional items after all; they provide newborn babies with nourishment and vital nutrients, and breastfeeding is one of the most natural things on earth… but somewhat unsurprisingly, breastfeeding can be a fetish!

Lactation fetishism (‘lactophilia’ or ‘milk fetishism’) refers to sexual arousal derived from a woman lactating milk, a paraphilia which can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways. In some instances lactophilia is related to pregnancy fetishism (maiesiophilia), but this is not always the case.

Erotic lactation may to some be most enjoyable from a voyeur’s perspective, either watching a woman lactate milk in real life or in pornography. Sometimes it may be the women herself who enjoys the look and feel of her breasts whilst lactating; she may even like he taste of her own milk!

The most common form of sexual play for a lactophile however is adult nursing, or adult breast feeding, where one partner (often a male partner) enjoys suckling on the woman’s breasts and drinking her breast milk.

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So why do some men like lactating breasts? Well boobs become enlarged during pregnancy, much like during puberty, which suggests an association between seeing full breasts and experiencing a rush of hormones as a young teenager. During pregnancy a woman’s nipples also become more sensitive which may make physical stimulation feel more pleasurable. Often foreplay can move from oral breast stimulation to breastfeeding – a sensation which both partners find erotic and can even result in female orgasm!



Breastfeeding can also be more psychological, for instance by having some link to infantilism and nappy fetishism. Breastfeeding in the context of infantilism is usually about a close and intimate connection between the nursing mother and the pseudo-infant. Here the lactophile will relish being treated like a baby as well as enjoying the warmth and taste of the milk.


Adult Nursing Relationships

Those with a breast milk fetish may engage in an Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) in which one partner will suckle from the breasts of the lactating woman. Such a relationship should be regular and consistent, or the woman will eventually stop producing milk. An ANR may not always have its links to infantilism, and the suckling partner may have no desire to be treated as an infant, rather, just finds the experience to be physically or sexually pleasurable.

It is common in an ANR for the father of the newly born infant to ‘take over’ from the child when the baby no longer needs to breastfeed. The regular nursing of the father will then mean that the mother continues to produce milk. Some couples see this as a very loving and affectionate part of their family relationship.



Breast pumping can also be a part of milk fetishism. A lactophile may enjoy watching a woman use a breast pump, and like to drink her bottled milk. Breast pumping is also something that the woman may find sexually pleasurable and erotic.

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Lactophilia in BDSM

Of course milk fetishism can have its place in BDSM also. If the lactating woman is the submissive partner in the relationship, she may be milked by force. If she is the Domme, she may force feed her sub, or give milk as a reward for his or her submission.


Sure, adult breastfeeding may not be everyone’s cup of tea… but sometimes tea does taste better with a drop of milk.

Have a great weekend xx

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