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FemDom Ball 2018: The Role of the Dominatrix

It’s a night that comes but once a year: the FemDom Ball. This annual event attracts the finest Dominatrices, Mistresses and their loyal submissives from across the world to London, for a night of drinks, entertainment and – of course – a sprinkle of BDSM.

Hosted by Madame Caramel (pictured above by Jonni Black), the FemDom Ball 2018 was the fourth of its kind. Bondara have been sponsors of the ball for two years running, each time being lucky enough to receive a number of the in-demand tickets.

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Bound to Please: Introducing Bondage to the Bedroom

For many, the idea of BDSM creates an automatic association with pain, being tied up and spanked into submission – but bondage play doesn’t have to start at the extreme. Dip your toe into the BDSM water by introducing some lighter styles of bondage to the bedroom.

It’s a common misconception that bondage is simply about pain. Bondage is sensual, intimate and – when done correctly – highly pleasurable. It lets you explore sensory deprivation, the power of being in total control or, if you’re the submissive, the thrill of putting your trust in your partner.

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The Satisfyer Pro 2: A Suction Toy that Far from Sucks…

Satisfyer have created a revolutionary sex toy that is currently sweeping the world off its feet, providing the ultimate, orgasm-inducing pleasure through their handheld toys. With the rose gold Pro 2, Satisfyer have created a toy that not only looks glamorous,  it stimulates your clitoris with a powerful sucking motion that feels so good, you won’t be able to put it down.

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Our Hottest New Toys for Your Best National Orgasm Day Yet

Happy National Orgasm Day! Make sure it’s your sexiest 31st July yet as you sky-rocket your pleasure with some of our hottest new toys. These brand new lines have just hit the site and are looking to hook-up and show you what they’ve got.

Be teased, pleased and thrilled with toys for him and her, anal toys and – as always from Bondara – something a little different…

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Your Guide to Sexting in Six Steps

Shakespeare may have had his sonnets, but we’ve got the sext. The perfect material for masturbation, great for long distance relationships and – most of all – fun, there’s nothing quite like it. The foreplay to your foreplay, explore your fantasies and discover what really turns them on as you bring dirty talk to your fingertips.

Fortunately, sexting isn’t rocket science, but there are a few key things you should bear in mind. We’ve racked our brains to give you our top dos and don’ts. A few horror stories and triumphant tales later, here are your six steps to sexting…

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Sexual Piercings – Help or Hinder?

Piercings. Most people have them. Whether they’re in your ears, nose, eyebrow or somewhere a little more private but can intimate piercings actually help with your sex life?

Piercings are typically a small hole in the skin with an item of jewellery inserted into it, these can either be bars, studs, rings or stretchers. When inserted through an already sensitive area of the body it can heighten the sensations even further. With more people having body modifications than ever before, there are numerous different types of piercings you can get for your body.

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Celebrate Your Sexuality with Bondara’s Pride Luxury Rabbit

With its bright colours standing out from the crowd, the sleek design and of course the charity donations – it isn’t hard to wonder why our Bondara Pride Luxury Rainbow Rabbit Vibrator has been hopping off the shelves since its launch date.

The velvety soft silicone that encases the Rabbit is free from phthalates and latex so you can lay back, relax and fully appreciate the Limited Edition Rainbow Rabbit Vibrator, designed exclusively for Bondara.

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Help Us Support the LGBT Foundation

At Bondara, our goal is to help everyone explore and celebrate their sexuality. Your pleasure, happiness and confidence is always our priority. This year, we’ve joined forces with the LGBT Foundation. We want to support the incredible work they do for the LGBT community, but we can’t do it alone.

Help us to help them by purchasing our Pride Luxury Rainbow Rabbit Vibrator. 10 per cent of sales of this limited edition toy will be donated directly to the charity. So, not only will you get a fantastic new toy, you’ll be helping an amazing cause.

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For the Love of Latex

Sometimes, it’s ok to be materialistic. For “rubberists”, materials play a far bigger part towards their sexual satisfaction than other people. With a fetish for latex or rubber, rubberists find themselves attracted to people wearing latex clothing, wearing it themselves or, in some cases, the garment itself.

A latex fetish is a subcategory of rubber fetishism and, as the name suggests, is a love for all things latex.

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The Practicalities of Pegging

Pegging: the sexual act of a female anally penetrating her male partner with a strap-on.

It’s no secret that male anal play can be extremely pleasurable. Dubbed as the ‘male G-spot’, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland that sits about 2-3 inches inside the anus. Stimulation of this super-sensitive spot, be that with a finger, butt plug or massager, can lead to intense pleasure and explosive climaxes – so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

But what if you want to take your anal adventures to the next level? Pegging is a highly intimate experience that lets the woman adopt the role of ‘giver’, introducing a new and exciting dynamic to your sex life that every hetero couple should try at least once.

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