Get to Know: ElectraStim

We’re just buzzing to tell you all about ElectraStim and its fantastic stimulators and sex accessories! 

With pleasure at the forefront of its innovation, this multi-award-winning brand knows its way around erotic electrostimulation

So, power up and prepare to learn watt makes these shocking electro-sex toys so great…

Shockingly Innovative Pleasure

Founded in 2001, Cyrex wanted to offer unique sexual experiences to everyone, regardless of gender, relationship status or preferences. And so, ElectraStim was born.

Using their specialist background in neuromuscular stimulation as a foundation, each product is designed with pleasure at the centre. Over the brand’s 21-year history, satisfaction and safety have always been the top priority, sparking a solid following from the BDSM community.

With multiple international awards from ETO, Adultex and XBIZ for innovation and product design under their belt, it’s clear to see that ElectraStim loves creating high-quality, imaginative sex toys.

Discover the ElectraStim Range

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The Basics of Erotic Electro Stimulation

Safety is THE most important thing to consider when practising electrostimulation. You should not practice electro sex if:

  • You’re pregnant
  • You have epilepsy
  • You have any kind of heart condition, including pacemakers
  • You are suffering from any kind of genital injury or disorder

Stimulation electrodes and probes should only ever be placed below the waist unless otherwise stated.

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To achieve electrostimulation, you must create an electrical circuit with your or your partner’s body. Both plugs must be used to complete a full circuit, so as long as there is a connection, you’ll feel fantastic tingles! Just add a dab of conductive gel to amp it up even more…

Single-output stimulators, like the beginner-friendly KIX, allow you to connect one bipolar or two unipolar toys. Dual-output stimulators like the more advanced AXIS let you control up to four accessories.

Image courtesy of ElectraStim

Stimulator Packs

KIX Stimulator Pack is the ideal place to start for electro-sex newbies. Small and compact with incredibly simple controls, KIX allows you to steadily increase the intensity without jumping up suddenly. Plus, the stimulator has a rainbow LED control pad, encouraging you to explore by feeling instead of aiming for a number. It also features 5 built-in patterns and has a “Sweep n’ Keep” mode that allows you to increase the frequency and intensity together for a shocking range of sensations.

The Flick Stimulator Pack ups the ante a little bit with 7 in-built programmes and the unique motion mode. Still equally as accessible for newbies as the KIX, Flick is slightly larger but still lightweight and discreet with a simple button display.

Discover ‘Virtual Spanking’ with the movement-activated ‘Flick’ mode. Simply attach the sticky stimulator pads to your partner’s bottom to create the circuit. Then move the power pack with different forces and speeds to create electro-stim patterns that match your movements.

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AXIS Stimulator Set is a powerhouse and all-rounder! With 40+ pre-programmed patterns, 99 individual intensity levels and 7 diverse play modes, such as Proximity and Microphone. This handheld stimulator pack gives you an almost unlimited number of ways to experience electro sex.

Based on what it can hear via its microphone, AXIS sends out stimulating signals that mimic the sound, giving dirty talk a whole new meaning! Control the electrifying sensations with your own body using Proximity mode; the closer you are to the sensor, the more intense it gets. Plus, the gesture sensor allows you to change patterns or skip modes with a wave of your hand. This is the perfect stimulator pack for experienced electro-sex players.

Electro Toys

So, there are two ways to experience erotic electrostimulation; Externally and internally (Though if you’re feeling adventurous, you could do both at once). EES takes the direct route to your nerve endings, with lower settings being described as prickly or tickly and high settings as pulsing and throbbing. This is because the direct stimulation causes your muscles to contract; Just imagine that feeling right before climax but repeated and prolonged!

External Toys

External electro toys are pleasure products like cock rings, pinwheels and clamps. Made from metal, rubber or silicone, they act very similarly to sticky pads and create tingles and zippy sensations that run across the skin for an electrified touch. More specialist toys like the Jack Socket innovate on their cock rings, supercharging your strokes!

Internal Toys

Internal use toys such as prostate massagers, butt plugs, dildos and even urethral sounds directly stimulate the super-sensitive skin of your genitals. ElectraStim is constantly reimagining classic sex toys with added spice so even beginners can feel at home trying electro sex.

Once powered up, you can expect strong muscular contractions for incredibly explosive orgasms. This has become known as ‘Ghost Fucking’ amongst the Electro Sex community because the pulsing, squeezing muscles can make it feel like the toy is moving inside of you!

There’s a truly astounding number of ways you can experiment with energised intimacy. ElectraStim continues to innovate within the world of EES and find new sparks of pleasure.

Let us know in the comments below if there are any and all brands you like to learn about!

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