10 Solid Reasons Why Steel Is So Satisfying

Stainless steel sex toys are often overlooked, but these high shine hotties have been left on the shelf for too long…

Usually the preserve of heavy-duty bondage and fetish play – And not without great reason! This underrated sex toy material, in fact, provides everything you could desire in a bedside buddy.

In the movement toward safer, more inclusive, and greater sexual pleasure, the power of steel is starting to take hold.

Introducing Hot Hardware by Bondara; a range of stainless steel and metal designs that are forged to fill, thrill, and drill you to climax!

So, read on to discover the greatest new alloy in your sexual satisfaction…

1. It’s Stylish AF

At first glance, it’s hard to deny the visual impact of stainless steel sex toys, especially if you generally take a shine to an edgier aesthetic. Radiant enough to tempt your inner magpie, these metallic pleasures are truly something to behold.

Forged in a range of creative colours, sizes, shapes and textures, this heavy-duty material brings versatility, quality, and elegance to your bedside drawer.

2. Make An Impact

Ever heard of a weighted blanket? Well, the principles of gravity and deep pressure work just the same with your shiny new sex toy! Steel affords a deep comfort as you wield its smooth, hard surfaces across your skin and inside your body.

The extra weight of steel offers stronger and therefore more satisfying erogenous stimulation than other popular materials, such as silicone. This means that your stainless steel sex toy feels extra impactful to use!

3. Precision Pleasure

Perfect for those who like it hard and heavy – Intuitive design is the standard for steel toys, featuring ergonomic shapes to activate your sweet spots.

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - 10 Reasons Why Steel Is So Satisfying - 
Hot Hardware King Stainless Steel Cock Ring - 40mm, 45mm or 50mm
Hot Hardware King Stainless Steel Cock Ring – 40mm, 45mm, 50mm

So, pair this with the rigidity of stainless steel sex toys and you’re about to experience a whole new world of firmer, more precise erogenous stimulation – as opposed to softer, more flexible toys.

Not to mention, the unyielding qualities of steel make it a super effective material for erection perfecting cock and ball rings.

4. Smoothly Does It

Comfort is a key feature of metallic sex toys.

The smooth surface provides an unbeatable glide compared to other materials, with far less resistance on insertion than silicone, jelly and rubber toys.

But, not only does the smooth surface of steel offer friction-free penetration, it also means that you’ll need less lube to get things going!

The advantage of smooth insertion is ideal for both people with less natural lubrication and sensitive types who prefer to use less lubricant altogether, or even if you’d just like your favourite lube to go a little further.

Plus, cleaning your steel sex toy is super easy due to its smooth surface, with a few simple methods that you can use;

  • Rinse thoroughly under clean, running water with a mild soap
  • Pop it in the dishwasher for no-fuss hygiene
  • Or sterilise your steel in boiling water (after removing any debris) for approx ten minutes – but make sure you leave it to cool before touching it!

You can use Healthline’s handy cleaning guide to ensure you’re keeping your sex toys in sparkling condition!

5. Safety Is Sexy

Stainless steel is entirely non-porous and hypoallergenic, just like the industry-favourite silicone.

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - 10 Reasons Why Steel Is So Satisfying - 
Hot Hardware Pistol Grip Heavy Metal Kegel Exerciser - 231g
Hot Hardware Pistol Grip Heavy Metal Kegel Exerciser

This means…

  1. Superior hygiene – Bacteria have nowhere to hide or build up within or on the surface of your toy.
  2. The inert chemistry of the metal alloy won’t react with its environment (AKA your vagina, rectum, or urethra) – Hence why stainless steel doesn’t rust. This prevents toxicities, allergies, or sensitivities = Happy holes!

The use of steel as a common material in Medicine and body piercing is certainly a testament to its body-safe qualities.

Furthermore, its unreactive nature means that it can be used with ALL lubricants, unlike silicone that can react to certain formulas to warp the surface of your toy – Eek!

And remember, a little lube goes a long way with these metallic beauties 😉

6. Cool For Couples

Sharing is caring and there’s nothing more shareable than a double-ended dildo! So pair your partnered pleasure with this sleek material for unparalleled comfort and serious satisfaction.

Firmly stimulating you and your partner with the curved ergonomic design. The tapering shape of this double-ended stainless steel dildo offers varying thicknesses in 970g of hard and heavy pleasure. Meanwhile, X marks the spot with the rounded balls on either side that give a deep and precise G-spot or P-spot (prostate) massage for stronger, longer orgasms.

7. Go The Distance

As a rule, we come to accept that most great things in life don’t tend to last. But stainless steel is here to put a spanner in the works!

Durable enough for an entire lifetime of lovin’, these sturdy sex toys just don’t quit. Yes, you can take these babies to the grave without any risk of tarnishing or corrosion!

So, as an antidote to fast consumerism, you’re truly empowered with steel to develop a lifelong connection to your toy.

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - 10 Reasons Why Steel Is So Satisfying - 
Hot Hardware Booty Builder Stainless Steel Butt Plug - 1.1kg
Hot Hardware Bottom Heavy Stainless Steel Butt Plug

8. Multi-Sensory Play

Indeed, this ultra-sensual medium has a multitude of incredible qualities that make it perfect for sensation play.

  • Get hot and heavy by heating your toy in a bowl of warm water or cool things down by popping your toy in some ice water to indulge in the shuddering delights of temperature play. Please note: Ensure your steel toy is at a safe and comfortable temperature by testing it on your inner forearm before insertion.
  • Textural shapes of stainless steel also add a super-sensual dimension to solo and partnered play; aiding sexual mindfulness as the substantial weight recalls the user to their pleasure with every movement. Imagine your soft, warm interior as it forms to the hard, inflexible dimensions and textures of a steel toy for a ‘deep filled’ sensation.
  • Plus, if you’re into advanced kink, it may not come as a shock to you that stainless steel provides a great conductive medium for Electrosex play!

9. Anal Ease

There are plenty of reasons why stainless steel is perfect for putting up your butt:

  • It’s super-smooth for incredible comfort and glide
  • The non-porous surface is hygienic and hypoallergenic
  • It’s easy to clean or sterilise if you want to use your steel toy for both anal and vaginal play

But there is one more incredible reason why steel is a safe, comfortable and satisfying medium for butt-stuff…

In order to experience the full potential of anal stimulation, bottoms (receivers of anal sex) understand the need for preparation and foreplay before penetration.

So, try warming a steel dildo or butt plug (see above for instructions) in advance for easier insertion. The warmth radiating from your toy will relax your sphincter muscles while delivering delectably toasty sensations straight to your anus and prostate.

10. Fetish Friendly

Heavy-duty and luxurious, stimulating steel is the perfect choice for pain play.

Intuitively, the safe yet steadfast qualities and hardcore aesthetic of stainless steel draw a HUGE appeal from the entire BDSM spectrum.

An excellent medium for safely exploring the depraved depths of your imagination; indulge in steel sex position restraints, nipple and clit clamps, chastity devices, stretching and crushing CBT equipment, or the cold, clinical probing of MedFet equipment, and so much more.

This hard and heavy material truly steels the show…

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  1. Sara
    July 9, 2020 at 1:54 pm

    In my experience, it’s all about the sensory play and the weight of steel. Toys like these are incredible because they are so heavy and that gives you an entirely different sensation that you can’t replicate with silicone, because it has a ‘give’ to pressure. Steel is more intense and responsive to your touch. Plus, when it’s cooled down it feels awesome!

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