3 Valentine’s Sex Positions for Seduction

Whip out these steamy Valentine’s sex positions after your romantic date and show them just how much you care with the gift of orgasms…

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - The Dinner for Two - A masc and femme presenting couple are in a 69-style position on top of a table. The femme person is laying on their back with their legs in the air. The masc person leans over them, with their face in their genitals.

How Do I Do It?

You don’t need to go out for a romantic evening together; You just need to eat out! We’ve modified the classic 69-sex position to spice up your Valentine’s Day dinner plans. Now, create the right mood with candles, rose petals and music, then set the table for seduction with this mutually beneficial sex position.

Whether you want to get down to it right after dinner or you’re taking this to the bedroom, the first step is to have one person lay on their back. Then, they can grab their ankles, raise their legs towards their shoulders and open themselves up for their lover to sample. We’d suggest popping a pillow or bondage cushion under the hips to elevate their lower half. Once they’re comfortable, the other person can climb on top with their knees by their partner’s head. From here, the person on top has delicious access to their playmate, letting them devote all their attention to devouring. Plus, because of the angles, the person underneath can experiment with deep-throating and blowjobs; Tasty!

To customise this yummy moment together, we’d recommend investing in some flavoured lubricant for smooth and seamless wet sex that’s finger-licking good! Add in mouthwatering extras like a glass dildo or butt plug for intense double stimulation while you explore each other’s body with The Dinner for Two.

While we’ve depicted this raunchy situation on top of your dining room table, please use caution and select an appropriate place to try The Dinner for Two. No one wants to spend Valentine’s in A&E explaining how they hurt themselves trying a new sex position!

Top Toys for Raunchy Valentine’s Sex

Bondara Blog - 3 Valentine's Sex Positions for Seduction - A femme and masc couple are sit face to face on a chair with the masc person sitting in the seat, while the femme person straddles them. The masc person holds the femme persons back to support them.

How Do I Do It?

Love is in the air, and you’ve got finally got your partner alone! The Sweethearts is an intimately close sex position that’s perfect for a post-ceremony quickie (if you really can’t keep your hands off each other) or to cement your commitment to each other this Valentine’s Day. If you like it, put a ring on it… a cock ring!

It’s a pretty simple position, but it does require good balance and communication to perform well. Firstly, have one person sit down so they’re comfortable. We suggest using a chair with a sturdy, upright back so there are no wedding night mishaps. Next, the other person can climb onto their partner’s lap, straddling their waist for close contact and deep penetration; Get that ‘Just Married’ post-orgasm glow!

If you can make it past the many layers of a wedding dress, then keep it simple for yourself with the easy access of naughty crotchless knickers. This position is ideal for grinding, so we obviously have to mention The Grinder from Bondara! It adds a fantastic buzz for everybody involved and works for any and all anatomy. Once you’re finished, celebrate the climactic occasion by popping one of the Sparkling Wine-Flavoured Jelly Willies. 🍾

Top Toys for Raunchy Valentine’s Sex

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - The Heartbreaker - The femme presenting person holds a heart shaped paddle, indicating they are going to spank the masc presenting person on the bottom. The masc presenting person leans over a sofa wearing a lead.

How Do I Do It?

Did they forget to bring you flowers this Valentine’s? Well, show them just how much you love them anyway with the stinging reminder of The Heartbreaker! It’s bound to leave their cheeks flushed with excitement… 😈

Whether you’re new to BDSM and impact play or an old hand, his setup is perfect for any experience level because it’s simple and effective. Simply have your partner bend over on their hands and knees to receive a special spanking. To ensure maximum impact, we’d suggest the use of a sex position restraint, like a bondage cushion or spreader bar, to get your sweet submissive on their knees. If you don’t have this kind of kit to hand, have them lean over the back of a sofa or even a table. Then, tug on their leash to remind them who’s in charge!

We adore the Tough Love Paddle, which is why we’ve recommended it! It’s made of stunning red PU leather and decorated with silver studs. Its key feature is the heart-shaped cut-out, which leaves cute marks all over your lover’s bottom.

Top Toys for Raunchy Valentine’s Sex

Not For You?

Here at Bondara, we know everyone likes to knock boots, so we are working to ensure everyone is represented on our website.

We are committed to inclusivity and diversity. So, we are depicting a range of genders and sexual orientations in our Sex Position blog posts, including straight, gay, lesbian and gender-neutral couples. All instructions will detail how to make our sex positions work for any relationship.

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