Discover Sexual Health Week With Brook

Sexual Health Week is only around the corner, so we’ve sat down with Brook, the organisers of SHW, to learn all about it. 

Join us as we chat about its history and the importance of discussing sexual health. 

Plus, discover how to get involved and make sure you’re Playing It Safe

So, What is Sexual Health Week?

I had a chat with Isabel Inman, Brook’s Assistant Director of Communication, Policy & Public Affairs, to talk about all things SHW23. Sexual Health Week is a celebration of sexual health and wellbeing. Each year, the campaign allows us to continue reminding people of the important safer sex messaging, while our annual theme gives us a chance to hone in on more complex topics such as consent.” Isabel told me, “SHW is really an opportunity to bring the sector together and celebrate everyone who advocates for improved sexual health while also amplifying the voices of those who face health inequalities.”.

Sexual Health Week’s theme this year is Playing It Safe, so Isabel talked me through what this encompassed. Playing It Safe is partly driven by reclaiming the safeguarding narrative that has become prevalent amongst anti-RSE (relationships and sex education) campaigners.But under the umbrella of safety, we discuss all aspects of safer sex including healthy relationships, contraception, pleasure, and consent – as well as the threats that certain communities such as LGBT+ people are experiencing in terms of their own safety..

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Discover Sexual Health Week With Brook

A Little Bit of History

While Sexual Health Week was originally started by the Family Planning Association, Brook took on the campaign in 2019. This marks 2023 as their 5th year organising SHW!

“Brook took on the organisation of the campaign when FPA’s services were reduced in 2019. Since then, Brook has grown, and so SHW has grown with it.” Isabel explained. “In the first few years, our themes and outputs naturally had a focus on relationships and sex education, but in the past few years, we’ve really focused on making it relevant, accessible and engaging for everyone.”.

The theme each year is often decided in response to topical issues. However, as Brook has grown from a young people’s service to an all-age service, the themes have become more accessible. “Brook operates in many different spaces, from sex education in schools to our clinical services and advocacy work, so we like to have an overarching theme”.

“It also allows us to teach people the skills and tools to think critically, helping them form healthy relationships and develop their values”.

The Importance of Sexual Health Week

While Brook campaigns year-round for accessibility to quality sex education and clinical services, SHW is really special, Isabel told me. “Brook is passionate about fighting stigma and increasing access for everybody, so SHW gives us a chance to own that space, collaborate with sector colleagues and brands and really shout louder about the importance of these issues.”.

At Bondara, we’re very passionate about our customers getting the most out of their sex lives, and that doesn’t just mean loads of orgasms! “Talking about sexual health is still taboo, and there’s a lot of stigma. There is still a real disparity in the quality of education and support that people of all ages receive. Public Health funding for services is being cut year on year, so access is becoming more and more challenging.”

Great sex, intimacy and healthy relationships are grounded in accessible, high-quality sex education, something Brook also believes. “We often talk about sex education being for young people, but so many adults have missed out on sex education, either at school or at home.”

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Discover Sexual Health Week With Brook

Get Involved in #SHW23!

Brook has organised many opportunities to get involved on social media from the 11th-17th September to celebrate Sexual Health Week. Follow #SHW23 to get involved with all their interactive stories and posts. Check out Brook’s SHW page for more information and resources.

Brook will also be hosting an online conference on Thursday 14th September, with several free webinars covering many topics about safeguarding.  

If you’re passionate about Relationships and Sex Education, you can sign Brook’s pledge to show your support.

Want to support Brook and their services? We’re donating 10% of sales from the Wingman Vibrating Butt Plug to be charitably donated!

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