The Best Sex Toys for Him

Ah, sex toys. You make our hearts pound, our pulses race and take us to mind-blowing climaxes. But which are the best sex toys for him? With designs suited to every need, kink and thrill, a little sex toy speed dating can be a real help. Lucky for you, this is where we come in!

Masturbation is often limited to a hand, a sock and a bit of lube. With male sex toys, new levels of arousal and stimulation are within reach, so don’t miss out!


Bondara Vibrating Masturbator Cups in Lips, Anus and Pussy

Bondara Master B Vibro Male Masturbator

Masturbators are an incredible utensil for your solo play and come in more styles and quirks than we can count – but here’s the main three.

Sleeves: Without an outer casing, take full control of the grip and pressure of your play. Enjoy internal ribs and beads with intimate openings that replicate vaginas, anuses and lips. If you love watching every stroke, we recommend a transparent design.

Cups and Fleshlights: Super discreet with a hard outer casing, masturbator cups have the features of sleeves and are often flesh coloured for a more intimate experience. Fleshlight are the world’s number one male sex toy, getting their name from their flashlight-style packaging. Made from SuperSkin material, you’ll receive intensely realistic stimulation. For a rundown of Fleshlight’s different collections, browse through our guide.

Tenga Eggs: Combining innovation, futuristic design and ultimate discretion, these egg-shaped cases hold a delightful secret – a sleeve so soft and stretchy it can accommodate just about any size penis. Explore the intricate textures Tenga Eggs offer.

Has this whet your appetite for masturbation? Head over to our guide on masturbators for more information!

Prostate Massagers

Rocks Off Naughty Boy Prostate Massager

Rocks Off Naughty Boy 7 Speed Vibrating Prostate Massager

Dubbed the male G-spot, the prostate is a super-sensitive gland inside the anus. Regular stimulation promises to deliver health benefits, stronger erections, increased stamina and intensified climaxes – as well as incomparable pleasure.

To make hitting your P-spot nice and easy, there are plenty of prostate toys on offer: straight, bulbous, vibrating…we’ve got it all! If it’s your first time, we suggest starting off small. A tapered, curved tip will make light work of massaging your prostate. For a worthwhile lesson in all things P-spot, take a look at our prostate massage guide.

Cock Rings
Bondara 10 Speed Silicone Waterproof Cock Ring

Bondara 10 Speed Silicone Waterproof Cock Ring

One of the most popular sex toys for men, cock rings come in an array of styles. Sitting at the base of the shaft, the ring restricts blood flow out of the penis for a harder, stronger and longer-lasting erection (expect a snug fit for it to do this effectively!).

Varying in material and features, you’re sure to find one that excites you. As they’re so affordable, there’s plenty of opportunity to experiment and discover your favourite designs. While vibrating cock rings are brilliant for stimulation (for him and for her), they aren’t quite so good at prolonging your ejaculation, so decide what you want from a cock ring and go from there!

Park and Recreation's Chris Pratt pulls excited face

Don’t forget the lube – especially if you’re indulging in some backdoor fun! If you want to brush up on your knowledge even more, take a peek at our guide on sex toys for men and you’ll be a cock toy connoisseur in no time.

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