The A to Z of Sex Toys

Calling all sapiosexuals: Can you name a sex toy for every letter of the alphabet? We can! Learn each item in our sexy ABCs and improve your naughty knowledge with our A to Z of sex toys.

A is for… Anal Beads.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, these strings of beads stimulate your anus on entry and removal for truly orgasmic results. If you love butt stuff, they’re an excellent toy to have in your arse-nel!

B is for… Bullet Vibrator.

A classic, petite vibe that is in almost everyone’s collection! They are often most people’s first experience of sex toys. Was it yours?

C is for… Cock Ring.

Ideal for when you need a helping hand in the bedroom, these small but effective sex aids are here to enhance your performance. Double up the fun by adding vibrations or mixing up the materials from stretchy silicone to solid metal.

D is for… Dildo.

If you enjoy penetration and thrusting pleasure, a dildo should be No.1 in your toy box. Made from a wide variety of materials, including silicone, TPR, jelly, glass, metal and even wood, these sex toys are some of the most versatile on the market.

E is for… Extra Large Sex Toys.

XL toys are ideal for stretching enthusiasts! We’d recommend them for advanced players who have worked their way up the length and girth of smaller toys and crave something large and in charge.

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - The A-Z of Sex Toys - The Original Girthy Monster Dildo - 10 Inch

F is for… Floggers.

Impact toys with bite! Floggers characteristically have many tails made from velvet, leather and even PVC. Use the ends to teasingly trail along your partner’s sensitive skin or deliver a swift smack with a flick of your wrist.

G is for… Glacier Glass.

Not only do these sparkling sex toys look gorgeous, but they’re incredibly popular for their smooth, firm stimulation. They’re super easy to clean and compatible with any lube, so these borosilicate glass toys are perfect for all kinds of fun, including temperature play!

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - The A-Z of Sex Toys - Glacier Glass Pink Heart Dildo - 9 Inch

H is for… Handcuffs.

Handcuffs are an excellent introduction to bondage restraint and are widely recognised as a beginner’s tool for spicy sex. So, lock ’em up and have your dirty way with them!

I is for… Inflatable Butt Plugs.

Does the idea of being filled and stretched excite you? Well then, inflatable sex toys may be for you. The toys are smaller on insertion and are pumped to your desired size for a full-up feeling like no other.

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - The A-Z of Sex Toys - Bondara Latex Ultimate Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug - 5.5 Inch

J is for… Jelly Dildos.

Super soft, bendy and brightly coloured, jelly dildos are perfect for those on a budget and are lots of people’s first experience with internal-use sex toys. However, we’d recommend using one of these wangs with a condom and storing it separately in a bag to avoid any unwanted reactions.

K and L are for… Kegels and Love Eggs.

Kegels balls are weighted and designed to be inserted while you perform strengthening pelvic floor exercises. However, love eggs or jiggle eggs are a pleasurable variety with a free-roaming weighted ball or a vibrating motor to target your G-spot as you move around.

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - The A-Z of Sex Toys - Bondara Secret Sensations Kegel Training Set

M is for… Masturbator Sleeves.

So, male pleasure is definitely on the agenda! With such a huge variety on offer, you can be rubbed, tugged and sucked to climax by automatic masturbation sleeves. Still, even the manual versions are a fantastic upgrade to your five-finger fiddle.

N is for… Nipple Clamps.

Discover satisfaction in a pinch with these BDSM essentials! Nipple clamps can be adjusted to deliver slight pressure to a squeezing pain, depending on your experience and tolerance. Once removed, the nipples will be swollen and feel much more sensitive.

O is for… Oral Sex Aids.

Some people love oral sex, others not so much. But, if you’re on the fence about going down south, we’d suggest investing in some oral sex aids. Choose between flavoured lubes, tingling lip balms and BJ sprays to give your head some oomph.

Bondara Blog - Slip N' Slide Passion Fruit Flavoured Lubricant - 100ml

P is for… Prostate Massager.

Specially designed to stimulate the prostate, these anal toys are a must-have for men looking to explore deeper, more full-body orgasms. Shaped with a slight curve and often featuring a bulbous tip, these sex toys apply pressure to the nerve-packed P-spot for orgasms that’ll make your toes curl.

Q is for… Queening Chair.

Padded and elevated for comfort, this piece of BDSM furniture isn’t going to be for everyone! Queening chairs are not only empowering for acts like oral worship and extended penetration sessions, but they also make sex more accessible.

Bondara Blog - You2Toys The Throne Queening Chair and 6 Piece Bondage Set

R is for… Rabbit Vibrator.

Probably one of the most recognisable sex toys on the market, this buzzing bunny delivers blissfully blended orgasms by stimulating both the G-spot and clitoris at the same time.

S is for… Strap-On.

Used by all kinds of couples for same-sex pairings and pegging, strap-ons are placed in the O-ring of a harness to simulate a penis… but so much better! From hollow and vibrating to strapless, there are all kinds of strap-ons to explore.

T is for… Teddies and Bodies.

So, you want to feel sexy on your date night but don’t want to have to waste time changing into lingerie when you get home? Well, teddies and bodies are an excellent day-to-night choice option. A very forgiving cut, these bodysuits are ideal for those who want more coverage from their undies.

U is for Urethral Sounds.

The urethra is packed with highly sensitive nerve endings, which can make it feel amazing when stimulating. Originally a piece of medical equipment, sounds or sounding rods are now used by many for pleasure and are either designed to touch those out-of-each erogenous zones or provide a stretching sensation.

Bondara Blog - Torment 8 Piece Pratt Uretral Sounds & Dilators - 11 Inch

V is for… Vibrators.

According to market research done by Quinn X Cosmopolitain’s Self Love Report, a reported 1% of women and femmes owned vibrators in 1970. Today, it is estimated to be closer to 80% internationally! Now, that’s a lot of vibrators.

W is for… (Massage) Wand.

Often referred to as the most powerful vibrator out there, massage wands focus their deep, rumbly vibrations wherever you point them. So, work out tired muscles or direct the intense sensations to your external erogenous zones.

X is for… X-Rated Sex Games.

Sex games are perfect for spicing up your sex life when you’re in a rut. Getting bored of the same old positions, or is intimacy feeling monotonous? Well, using a game to mix up your routine can be the ideal way to refresh your lovemaking and discover new ways to turn each other on.

Y is for… Yummy Edible Undies.

Introduce a tasty twist to your bedroom activities with edible undies! Slip into gummy pants or a candy jock strap and let your partner lick, suck and nibble their way to your treat beneath.

Z is for… ZAP! Electro Sex

E-Stim or Electrosex is all about targetting your nerve endings with tingling jolts of low-level electrical stimulation to make your muscles contract and pulse pleasurably. Explore Bondara’s in-house E-Stim brand Sex Sparks!

Bondara Blog - Sex Sparks Shock Wave Silicone E-Stim Rabbit Vibrator