Taking Care of Your Sex Toy

Once you’ve found one you love, taking care of your sex toy is probably the last thing on your mind. While your pleasure is always our priority, the boring bits help to ensure bacteria doesn’t build up and your toy remains in pristine condition. It’s not rocket science to look after your toy but some styles require slightly different cleaning methods to others.

Cleaning your toy is quick, easy and keeps your toy in safe, working condition for longer. Plus, it will thank you with many, many more climaxes to come (and it doesn’t get much better than that).

The Basics

The majority of sex toys, such as dildos, anal toys and vibrators, can be cleaned by following these simple steps:

  1. Generously spray the toy with a reputable toy cleaner, such as the Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner
  2. Leave the cleaner a few minutes to get to work before rinsing the toy. If your toy is waterproof, you can do this by submerging it or holding it underneath a warm, running tap. If it’s not, we suggest using a damp, soft cloth, avoiding or taking particular care around the battery casing as water in this area can permanently damage your toy.

While we always recommend using a toy cleaner, you can substitute it with a soap if you don’t have one. However, please make sure the soap is either pH neutral or antibacterial to avoid irritation the next time you use your toy!

For an extra deep clean, which may be desired when using anal toys, you can use a soap alongside a toy cleaner.

Once you’ve finished cleaning your toy, leave it out to completely air dry before putting it away.

Male Masturbators

You should always clean your toy as soon after using it as possible. However, this is even more important when it comes to male masturbators as you want to remove any fluids before they start to dry.

To clean the sleeve, spray some toy cleaner to the outside and inside of the sleeve, paying particular attention to the entry and exit hole before following the steps above.

For masturbators with hard, outer casings, such as Fleshlights, remove the inner sleeve and wash the two pieces separately.

Please avoid putting soap on your sleeve as this can cause the material to lose its softness. For example, soap should not be used on Fleshlight’s SuperSkin material. Once the sleeve is completely dry, apply a thin layer of Fleshlight Renewing Powder to the sleeve to restore its original condition.

Storing Your Sex Toy

When your toy is clean and dry, you can put it away. Sex toys should always be stored separately from one another as the materials can react, causing the toys to melt, mould together or split. Once this happens, your sex toy should no longer be used.

To avoid this, you don’t need to store your toys in separate rooms of the house. Simply keep your sex toys in their original packaging or use individual storage bags to ensure there’s always a barrier.


That’s how to take care of your sex toys! If you ever have any questions about the correct care for your toy, please contact us; we’re always happy to help. Or, you can see if the answer you’re looking for is in our guide.

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