We Need to Talk About the Zumio

With rave reviews, an innovative design and the winner of Best New Product at the 2017 Adultex awards, the Zumio is sending shock waves through the sex toy industry. Created by women, for women, the idea for Zumio was born after a single mother wanted a toy that would fit around her busy life. Designed to give an orgasm in just 60 seconds, the Zumio certainly meets her demands!

Following three years of testing, tweaking and perfecting, the Zumio is now available to buy. Want to know more about what makes it so spectacularly stimulating? Read on…

Let’s Talk About the Body

The sleek, 7 inch body leads to a revolutionary, concentrated tip. Thanks to this pinpointed design, all of Zumio’s power is directed to a singular contact area for high-density stimulation. On top of this, the vibration-free handle provides comfort and even more concentrated pleasure.

When using their fingers, women tend to massage their clit in a circular motion. The Zumio cleverly mirrors this movement using patented SprioTIP™ technology. As the tip spins in tiny circles, the 8,000 nerve endings in your clit are stimulated; effortlessly adjust between eight speed settings for the perfect level of intensity. Enhance the stimulation by applying a little water-based lubricant to the medical-grade, silicone tip.

Designed for female masturbation but also great for foreplay, the Zumio’s lightweight body is perfect for introducing to the bedroom.

The Recipe for Climax

If you’ve ever wanted a recipe for an orgasm, dream no more. Those thoughtful creators of Zumio have created an actual step-by-step guide to getting the most out of this unassuming sex toy. We may be here for the clit, but the three-stage recipe teaches you how to first stimulate the surrounding areas of your clit – each area offering a unique sensation to the other.

It Talks the Talk but Can it Walk the Walk?

Don’t take it from us: take it from the statistics!

During testing, 89% of women achieved an orgasm in less than five minutes, 63% reached climax in less than two minutes and 69% achieved multiple orgasms.

Of these women, 71% said their orgasm was more intense than during ordinary masturbation while 62% said they felt more satisfied than after using their other toys.

Once you’ve given the Zumio a good workout, the waterproof design means this durable stimulator is easy to clean. Then, use the induction charger (similar to those used for electric toothbrushes!) to bring it back to full charge.

All Zumios come with a one year warranty for peace of mind. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the pleasure revolution by purchasing your Zumio at Bondara today.

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