5 Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

Are you opting for the same ol’ routine every time you jump into bed with someone? Then it’s time to mix it up a little with our top 5 sex positions, guaranteed to add a little more spice. These are just the tip of the iceberg though, there are literally hundreds of sex positions just sitting there waiting for you to try. So, once you’ve given these ones a go, keep on exploring…

deckchairThe Folded Deckchair

Benefits: Allows intense, deep penetration and hits her G-spot every time. You’ll both be begging for more with this position.

She lies on her back, whilst the guy kneels or lies between her legs. Raise her legs and rest her calves on the guys shoulders. Then all the rest is up to the guy! He can change the speed and the intensity of the fuck, but be careful because this one will hit her deep.

Take to the next level by introducing a bullet vibrator. Her hands will be free so she can use it to stimulate her clit while the guy thrusts and supports her legs.


Benefits: Deep penetration with intimate connection.

She lies on her back and raises her right leg so the gent can position himself between her legs. The guy can then adjust her leg where they desire it most and she can grind on or he can thrust inside her.

This sex position is great for deep penetration, and even though it might look complicated or uncomfortable in theory, it really is super simple and can be adjusted in many ways. You can try it sideways, from the front or from behind!

The depth and angle of penetration in this position can be quite intense so we recommend a good slick of a high quality lubricant.

doggyDoggy Style

Benefits: Allows deep penetration and complete control for the man.

This is a much loved must-have in the sex position guide book enjoyed by couples all over the world! Don’t get scared off by the popularity of this position, there’s a reason it’s well-loved after all. So here’s where you (as the man) can take complete control of the sex session. Flip her over and push her back into a slight arch, maybe even grab her hair as you enter her and choose the speed you want. Make sure you know what your partner likes before you go all out though! She may like it hard and rough, or she may be sensitive. Doggy style can be a really intense position for you both so it’s best to know exactly what you both like. Either way, this position gives you the option to take the reins and really show her a good time.

There are loads of sex toys you can introduce to doggy style, but we love the rough and passionate aspect of this position so why not try masks or blindfolds to really heighten the experience. Guys, you’ll probably want to enjoy the view, but being blindfolded could make this even hotter for her as being blindfolded can increase the sensitivity to touch.


reversecowgirlReverse Cowgirl

Benefits: Men, you get the best view of her backside as she rides you into a sensational orgasm. Any position with the woman on top can increase a man’s stamina during sex, so try flipping her on top if you’re struggling to keep going!

Guys, lie on your back and get her to straddle you and with her butt facing you, then slip your penis inside.

This position is great for you both. For her, it can really hit her clit and get her wriggling into an intense orgasm. For him, your partner can ride you by bouncing up and down in a squatting position or she can glide up and down while supported on her knees – either way, the enjoyment is endless.

Cock rings are perfect for reverse cowgirl because they can be rotated around the penis for stimulation where you require it and they keep guys harder for longer.


hornymantisHorny Mantis

Benefits: Relaxing and intimate position with deeper penetration for intense pleasure for the both of you.

Both of you lie on your sides facing one another. She bends and spreads her legs and you enter her slowly for added intimacy and to build the anticipation. She can then wrap her legs around you and let your hold her whilst you fuck her slow but hard.

Couples vibrators designed to be worn during sex, in particular those by We-Vibe, are practically built for this position. The design allows you to have sex uninhibited while sending powerful vibrations through you both, making it a great toy to take the ‘horny mantis’ to the next level.

So now you have the knowledge, why don’t you go use it? Go wow your partner and have some fun tonight!

What’s your favourite sex position? Comment below; let’s see how many new positions we can all learn!


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