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Bondara’s Sexy Bucket List – Are You Wild Enough?

If you’re a Bondara customer, you’re probably a little bit kinky already. However, perhaps there are a few deviant delights you haven’t tried yet or have forgotten about? We’ve racked our brains and put together our very own sexy bucket list.

How many can you tick off?

Sex Outdoors

Sure, your bed may be more comfortable than a skip in the alleyway behind Sainsbury’s. Yes, twigs in your bum crack aren’t ideal. And perhaps getting spotted by the neighbour wasn’t part of the plan…

However, sex outdoors can be so much fun!

Some people love the idea of being watched while having sex. They’re known as ‘exhibitionists’. If this is your type of thing, dogging could be an exciting venture.

If you’re someone who’s more turned on by the risk of getting caught, then maybe somewhere like the supplies closet at work could be hotter.

And if you’re more of a ‘getting back to nature’ sort of person, then try taking a picnic blanket to a remote field or woodland and just enjoy being sexual somewhere free and beautiful (and hope that you don’t get chased off by an angry farmer).


Oh, the ménage à trios! Probably at the top of most people’s sexy bucket list but definitely something everyone should try. Threesomes can be all men, all women, two guys one girl, or two girls one guy. There’s no rule as to what makes a threesome – there just needs to be three of you!

Perhaps the ‘3sum’ is something you should try twice. Once with either two guys or two girls, and once as a part of the ‘two’. With the first, you get to be the centre of attention. During the latter, you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

In a threesome, you can experience voyeurism, exhibitionism, bisexuality, opening your mind to being touched by someone new and trying things you’ve never done before. We say three is definitely a crowd – and we’re not complaining.

Anal Sex

Going in through the back door, taking the dirt track, earning your brown wings! Whatever you like to call it, anal sex is brilliant.

If you think it’s dirty, douche! If you think it will be painful, build up and use lube. Even if it’s still not your thing, it’s worth trying everything once!

If you feel that for you right now anal sex is a little ‘too much too soon’, you could always try a finger in the bum or using an anal toy.

And to our heterosexual male readers, ever heard of pegging? Oh, yes. Let your girlfriend fuck you in the ass with a friendly strap-on dildo. You have your P-spot in there, after all! Stimulating this will feel amazing and result in an immense orgasm.


Maybe you’ve been there, done that, got the cane marks… but if not, perhaps it’s time to add a little pain to your pleasure.

There is a belief that most people have a natural inclination to be either dominant or submissive in bed. With a little experimentation you may just discover which of the roles you prefer.

Ropes, whips, ball gags… it can sound quite intimidating to the uninitiated! However, BDSM can be a very sensual and highly erotic experience. When you remove one sense, such as vision, you heighten another, such as touch. When you make the skin more sensitive, from hot wax or a light spanking, everything the person feels from then on is more intense and stimulating.

So don’t be afraid to free your inner dominatrix or lowly slave. If you’re unsure where to start there are plenty of online forums and communities for this type of thing, so get chatting!

Holiday Romance

“Je t’aime.” “Te quiero.” “Ti amo.” “I love you.” “Tu es si belle.” “Eres tan hermosa.” “Sei così bella.” “You’re so beautiful.” “Je ne vous oublierai jamais.” “Nunca me olvidaré de ti.” “Io non ti dimenticherò mai.” “I will never forget you.”

Oh the joys of a holiday romance! The sea seems to glitter beneath the glowing sun, the girls are topless, the boys are horny and the Sangria is flowing day and night. What’s not to love?

There’s no work, no rainy British weather, no rules… so why not throw caution to the wind? Well, not all caution – wear a condom of course!

Sex on holiday has to be one for your bucket list! Why not make it even more risqué? Sex on the beach? Sex in a pool? That’s your ‘sex in public’ sorted as well on your sexy bucket list! Two birds with one beach ball.


Group Sex

Too many sausages spoil the mash? No? Perhaps a little crude even for me…

Group sex, otherwise known as an ‘orgy’, is a grand indulgence of the flesh. Breasts and balls every which way, a wildly erotic experience which is physically and visually stimulating.

Five women and one man? Harem.

Five men and one woman? Bukkake.

Three women and three men? Well-balanced orgy – hurrah!

If you ever get the chance to attend an orgy, do so! Invitations like that don’t come around often. Don’t want to leave it to fate? Arrange your own. Spread the word on internet forms, even interview potential participants over coffee. Your orgy: your rules.

Lap Dance at a Strip Club

Hopefully you’ve not been put off erotic dance for life after seeing Miley Cyrus ‘twerk it’ at the VMAs. Whether you’re a man or a woman, getting a private dance at a strip club can be such a turn on!

A lot of strip clubs offer couples dances, so they’ll dance for the both of you. Even if you’re in a relationship, you can still indulge in a bit of voyeurism and share a very sexual experience.

Sex shows are another one to try, such as in Bangkok or Amsterdam, though these are often more for fun than actually sexy – but definitely an experience not to pass up!

Make a Sex Tape

Paris Hilton did it, Kim Kardashian did it…

Making your own sex tape can be hot. We’ve all watched our fair share of porn, but what if instead of watching some strangers, it was something more relatable? Let’s say, you and a partner!

Maybe you’ve always been curious as to how the two of you look or would like a permanent record of one of your wildest fantasies. When you tick this one off your sexy bucket list, remember to keep it somewhere safe and secure; you don’t want that falling into the wrong hands!

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  2. hi, on the matter of 3 somes i think you should mention a sexy shemale joining the couple. thats our big turn on during kinky nights in. id love to see my manly husband being seduced by a sexy girl, forcing him to submit and face her large clit. will he hold strong or be so turned on he cant resist taking her in his mouth????i cant wait to find out!!!!!

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