Gas Mask Fetish

So it’s Friday once again, but before you go out and enjoy your weekend, let’s look at a rather dark and disturbing fetish, one which has a place in fashion, music and fetish alike.

Gas masks have in some form been around since ancient times, but when we think of gas masks we of course picture the ones mass produced during World War I and II.  Colourless and claustrophobic the sight of gas masks instil fear and unease in many who gaze upon them in wartime museums; a relic from the past, a time of death, terror and suffering. Yes to the majority a gas mask is certainly an unpleasant object, but I’m sure it comes as no surprise that gas masks are indeed a fetish.

The allure of masks during sex and BDSM play is actually one which I find myself able to explain with some logic, unlike in previous blog posts where I’ve had to conclude simply some people just like to be pissed on. When a person is wearing a mask their identity is hidden, the entire sexual experience is dehumanized, mysterious, anonymous. A mask will cover facial expression, restrict eye contact and remove any trace of love or intimacy.


Why is this a good thing? Well when you can’t see your partner’s face, or they can’t see yours, you can lose your inhibitions, really let go and feel free to perform any and every wicked and depraved thought which crosses your mind. A mask not only hides your partner’s feelings of pleasure, it also hides their feelings of pain.

Why gas masks in particular? What is so hot about this revamped war relic?

The appeal of the gas mask is largely aesthetic, hence why the mask is not restricted to BDSM play, but popular in certain music and fashion genres. Still confused? Well, why does a woman wear a necklace? Or why does a man prefer one specific watch to any other? It all comes down to personal taste; some people simply like the look of them.

A gas mask, unlike your standard gimp mask or bondage hood, looks very striking, bizarre and intimidating. When a person in wearing a mask they look almost cyborg, making any sexual play very sci-fi and enthralling. With the unusual look of the mask and the anonymity it provides, any sexual activities move from the realms of reality to fantasy.


A genre of fashion which often flaunts its PVC, rubber and fetish wear is that of Cybergoth. Persons in this subcategory of ‘gothic’ can be seen wearing medical fetish gear, rubber clothing, PVC, goggles and even gas masks. As a part of this culture gas masks appear to be both fashionable and attractive when worn by men and women.


And why do people enjoy gas masks as a part of fetish wear?

If you’re really into rubber fetishism you’ll know that a gas mask can be a huge part, if not an essential part of the overall look. A gas mask can be worn as a statement piece in and of itself or as a part of some other uniform. Often gas masks are worn to complete the look of medical or religious costume, but certainly if you explore this fetish further online you’ll see many images of women, and men, wear gas masks as a part of militant rubber uniform, usually resembling the uniforms worn in Nazi Germany. Taboo role play such as this can be a huge turn on as it’s so ‘wrong’ in terms of society’s strict morality that breaking all the rules can really get your blood pumping.



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