Sploshing: Wet and Messy Fun!

‘Sploshing’, also known as ‘Wet and Messy’ fetishism, involves applying a generous amount of something sloppy or slimy to the naked body or clothing to generate sexual arousal.

The ‘Wet And Messy’ (WAM) substance may include: whipped cream; custard; baked beans; syrup; spaghetti; gravy; jelly… the list goes on! Away from food, fans of sploshing might use mud, slime, oil, shaving foam, massage lotion and various bathroom products.

Basically, as long as it’s slippery, slimy and in abundance, a WAM fetishist may use it.

If you who don’t quite ‘get’ sploshing, I’m here to fill you in (and maybe even turn you on)!

Why is Sploshing a Turn On?

Firstly, there is the physical sensation of sploshing. Take cake-sitting, for example. A splosher would enjoy the sensation of cream and icing sliding around their genitalia. The feeling of the sponge base can be bouncy and fun, and the food’s temperature can also provide stimulation.

Let’s look at baked beans and mud as other examples. Sploshers may enjoy the feeling of that wet, squidgy substance between their toes or fingers, and the sensation of it dribbling all over their body. The slipperiness and sloppiness can be associated with the wetness of sex and arousal. If you find the sight of glistening massage oil on your partner’s skin arousing, WAM isn’t wildly different!

Now, I know you’re all fans of sinful behaviour, so why wouldn’t you love combining lust with a little gluttony? Imagine the sweetness of licking cream off your girlfriend’s tits or sucking honey off your boyfriend’s cock. Go on, turn that dick into a delicious lollipop! Receiving oral sex as your partner gorges on jam and smears goo along your body can be an intense experience and as enjoyable to give as to receive.

Like Warm Apple Pie…

So you’re getting it a little more now? Well, time to confuse you once again!

A WAM fetishist may find it sexually arousing to have a pie thrown at their face.

Cue the BDSM element of sploshing… or ‘Mess and M’, as some like to call it.

Much lighter than traditional sadomasochism, sploshing has a more relaxed approach to Dominance and submission. In a typical scenario, one person is stood in sweet anticipation, as the other selects a mess of choice from a table of sloppy goodness. The Dom(me) then tosses a cake at the sub or pours a bucket of baked beans over their head, for example. Of course, it may then only be a matter of time before roles are reversed and you’re both covered in slippery, slimy gunge.

So, do people look sexier with custard in their eyebrows and spaghetti hoops in their knickers? No, but that’s kind of the point. One of the appeals of Wet and Messy play is that you don’t have to worry or care about your clothes being ruined or your hair being smothered in mud; you’re letting go, having fun and enjoying physical sensations without any need to be self conscious.

Want to Let Go and Have Some Messy Fun?

A good place to start may be the bath or shower – unless you happen to have reels of plastic wrapping to cover your furniture or carpets. Anything that you don’t want to ruin with food or mess, remove from the area!

Ideally, you want to play in a room with surfaces that are easy to wipe down and clothes that you’re not going to miss (unless ruining your best suit is part of the turn on).

Next, choose your goo! If you’re into food play, select your favourite messy treats. If you want a big cream cake to sit on, great! Be careful to not mix sweet and savoury foods or you could end up feeling nauseous.

Baking and preparing the food could be a fun part of foreplay; a naughty, naked chef or licking the spoon…

However, if you’re just looking for cheap, edible slop, head to your local supermarket for large cans of value baked beans or tins of custard – the more the better!

For something sweet and messy without trashing the house, why not try an edible body paint?

If you’re not interested in eating during your sexual games, getting messy outdoors could be the perfect option. Try going out in some completely inappropriate clothing after a rainy day and bathe like a beast in lovely puddles of mud. Outdoor fun could also be a great place to take your buckets of slime and gunge for sloppy, sexy play.

With ALL that in mind, I wish you a slimy Saturday, a slippery Sunday and a filthy Fetish Friday!

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