Petplay – Pups, Ponies and Kittens

A rather charming fetish we saw a lot of at Erotica 2013 was animal role play, otherwise known as ‘petplay’.

Fairly self-explanatory, this fetish involves a Dominant being the ‘master’, or ‘handler’ of a submissive ‘pet’ or ‘pets’. This is much like a traditional D/s relationship, but rather than the sub being a ‘lowly human’, they act as an animal. The relationship can be one of humiliation and punishment, or simply a shared fantasy.

At Erotica, there was a curious little place called ‘Puppy Palace’. Here, you could find rubber-clad slave dogs laying on the floor. These ‘gimp dogs’ were there for you to feed, fuss and admire. Meanwhile, human-pet treats, collars, food bowls and accessories lined the shelves.


One of the store assistants explained how the fetish works:

“After a long day at the office what could be better than coming home, curling up in your owner’s lap and having them fuss you?”

Human pets aren’t always treated which such love and affection, however. Instead, these ‘worthless dogs’ or ‘dirty pigs’ can be punished and humiliated for being so pitiable and disgusting. Eating from a bowl on the floor, being made to lick a toilet seat or their Master’s shoes are all common requests of a ‘cruel’ handler.

As with any role play of this sort, the pet/submissive partner, receives just as much enjoyment from the domination as the Master. If not, more so! Role play is the best form of escapism, as well as being a fantastic way to explore sexual fantasies.

What Species of ‘Pets’ Are There?

Technically, there are no limitations. If you want to be a hedgehog, a velociraptor or a goldfish, go for it!

Common choices for petplay, however, include dogs, cats and ponies. ‘Pets’ are often required to move around on all-fours. To force them onto their hands and knees, their calves may be bound to their hamstrings to incorporate bondage.


‘Stray’ pups or kittens are pets without a dedicated Master. A Master may then claim ownership by ‘collaring‘ the pet.

Once wearing the collar, the pet will do as instructed and may be lead around on a leash. Being collared may fulfill the sub’s fantasy of being desired or owned, while the Dominant establishes a symbol of authority.

Pony Petplay

Ponyplay can be very grand and decorative fetish. Costumes are sometimes worn in public to let the Master show off their magnificent beast. A ponygirl or ponyboy has many accessories to choose from. They may wear a ‘bit’ mouthpiece, blinkers, reins, a mane or headpiece, ‘hoof’ shoes and a horse tail. The tail is often attached to a butt plug and is known as a ponytail butt plug.

The pony may be put to work and told to pull a carriage. The Master will sit in the carriage and whip the pony to direct its behaviour. This is not an uncommon sight at BDSM events and certainly wasn’t lacking at Erotica 2013.


If you’ve ever felt a desire to be owned and loved, or slapped and punished, then maybe you should try a little animal role play. As a beginner, it isn’t hard to draw on a few cat whiskers or bark like a dog. Do what feels right and see if you and your partner are destined to become naughty petplay fetishists too!

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