Why Collars Are More than Just Kinky

Welcome to the very first Fetish Friday! We’re delving into the kinky and exciting world of fetish and BDSM at the end of every week. What better way to kick-start the weekend? This Fetish Friday, we’re going to be looking at collars and why they’re so much more than just a fashion accessory.

During BDSM play, partners usually assume either a Dominant or Submissive role. Restraint, role-play and pain for pleasure are just some of the erotic practices involved. Have a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Bondage to learn more before delving into this devious world.

BDSM is largely about an exchange of power, and players get a thrill from either forfeiting control or being authoritative. Collars are a great way of getting into character and/or asserting dominance.

What’s the Meaning of a Collar?

A collar is often worn by the Submissive partner in a BDSM relationship to symbolise that they are owned. 

Whilst for some the collar is worn only during play, others choose to engage in formal collaring ceremonies. These are not unlike a marriage ceremony and symbolise permanent ownership of the Submissive by the Dominant. Often, people who enjoy BDSM are in committed relationships, and this is just another wonderful part of their bond. For those in ‘play only’ relationships, collars are a fantastic way of getting in the right headspace and separating a session from reality.

Wearing a collar can sometimes be a part of humiliation, as the submissive is assuming a pet-like status. This often takes the form of a dog or cat. The Dominant may ‘walk’ the submissive using a leash attached to the collar, and the sub might ‘sit’ and eat from a pet’s bowl when ordered to do so or wear a tail butt plug to complete their look, as a devoted doggie or pretty kitty. For some people, humiliation is a HUGE turn-on.

Collars for Everyone

A standard slave collar usually features some type of ring for a leash to connect to. Collars can be made from a variety of materials and go from simple to quite hardcore!

A lockable collar highlights the power of the Dominant, as they – the ‘master’ – holds the key. Some slaves might even wear permanent locking collars. These are rather extreme and can only be removed by cutting the steel.

Also not for the faint-hearted is the neck corset. Similar to a waist corset, a neck corset will restrict head movement and make breathing more difficult. This type of play is known as erotic asphyxiation and is strictly NOT for beginners. A lack of oxygen to the brain can result in feelings of faintness, lightheadedness and pleasure. As expected, erotic asphyxiation can have serious consequences if practised improperly. 

At Bondara, we have a HUGE range of collars for you to explore. Whether you like sleek designs or more restrictive posture collars, we’re bound to have the perfect accessory for you.

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