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Why Collars are more than just Kinky

Welcome to the very first Fetish Friday! Every Friday we’re going to be delving into the kinky and exciting world of fetish and BDSM. What better way to end the working week than getting a little naughtier with leather, chains and dark desires.

For anyone unfamiliar with this particular scene, people who enjoy BDSM usually assume either a dominant or submissive role and engage in erotic practices such as restraints, role-playing and sometimes pain for pleasure. BDSM is largely about an exchange of power, and people really get off from either forfeiting all power or being authoritative.

On this first Fetish Friday we’re going to be looking at collars and why they’re so much more than just a fashion accessory.

A collar is something often worn by the submissive partner in a BDSM relationship to symbolize that he or she is owned by the dominant partner. If you’ve ever fantasised about being on your knees looking up at someone powerful, then you’re probably submissive and may just love wearing a collar.

Whilst for some the collar is worn only during role-play, others chose to engage in formal collaring ceremonies, not unlike a marriage ceremony, to symbolise the permanent ownership of the submissive by the dominant. Serious stuff right? Often people who enjoy BDSM are in committed relationships, and the sub/ dom element is just another wonderful part of their bond.

Wearing a collar can sometimes be a part of humiliation, as the submissive is assuming a pet-like status. This often takes the form of a dog or cat; the dominant may ‘walk’ the submissive using a leash attached to the collar, and the sub might ‘sit’ or eat from a pet’s bowl when ordered to do so. For some people though, maybe even you, humiliation is a huge turn-on.

A standard slave collar is usually made from black leather with metal rings so that a leash can be attached. Collars can however be made from PVC, rubber, metal and a variety of other materials. Collars can feature buckles, straps, hooks and padlocks for different disciplinary practices, so you could start out with something simple, then work your way to something more hardcore.

A lockable collar further symbolizes the power that the dominant has over the submissive, as the ‘master’ holds the only key. Some slaves will even wear permanent locking collars which can only be removed by cutting the steel, but that is rather extreme!

Another type of collar not for the faint-hearted is the neck corset. Similar to the waist corset, a neck corset will restrict head movement for reasons of discipline, as well as restricting breathing, for those into erotic asphyxiation. A lack of oxygen to the brain can result in feelings of faintness, light headedness and pleasure, but this is certainly not a collar for beginners.

So, if collaring is something you’d like to experiment with, or maybe you think that your submissive deserves a new treat, here are some of Bondara’s favourite slave collars;


Spiked Bondage Leather Collar and Lead

Our most popular collar and lead, this robust spiked collar comes with a strong, detachable nickel coated iron chain, perfect for slaves and masters.

Heavy Duty Black Padded Collar

This collar is made from high quality black leather with plush foam underneath, making it strong but very comfortable to wear. The three D rings allow for the attachments of leash, weights or restraints, there is a padlock for total control.

Leather Padded Steel Collar

This hardcore collar is made from stainless steel and premium leather, and is padded for the comfort of the submissive. Adjustable for the perfect fit, this collar is ideal for demonstrating authority.

Slut Leather Collar

Demand that your submissive wear this collar so that everyone can see what a slut they are. Comfortable and sturdy, this collar is also available in ‘bitch’, ‘slave’ and ‘master’.

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