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Fetish Friday – Can shaving be sexy?

pubic-hair-shaveWhen you have quite obviously dyed hair, you may find that from time to time you’re asked by someone drunk, or just plain crass; “Does the carpet match the curtains?” And for most of you these days it seems the answer should be “actually, I have laminate flooring.”

Pubes aren’t fashionable any more; long gone is the 80’s bush, the bearded clam, the hair pie, the whisker biscuit… women seem to be increasingly opting for the ‘Hollywood wax’, and guys are joining in too!

Maybe it was all the porn, maybe it’s our increasingly fussy standards of hygiene… maybe it’s because when you go down to do a certain job you don’t want to end up flossing. Whatever the reason, our full frontal has never looked so fresh.

Aside from the clean shaven look and the ‘au naturel’ bush being fetishes in their own right, the act of shaving pubic hair is in itself a fetish.

So what’s the appeal?

Well, you could say that any kind of interaction with your partner’s genitals is going to be in some way sexual, and when you shave them there is a definite feeling of preparing for the ‘main event’.

When you shave a person, you’re doing something very precise and delicate requiring care, accuracy and patience, thus the experience can become a very intimate one. With every stroke of the blade you’re removing a barrier and revealing more of the most private part of their body. Similarly, some amongst you enjoy to partake in voyeurism and watch a person shaving themselves.

A fetish for shaving is notably popular amongst homosexual men, especially as men have even more to shave than women do. With beards, chest hair, pubic hair, side burns and often shorter hairstyles, there is a lot for this particular fetishist to get excited about. Whether it’s the grace of a sharp blade sliding across a man’s Adam’s apple or the erotic beauty of neatly groomed facial hair, a beautiful man with a sharp razor can be a huge turn on.


If you fancy yourself as quite the artist then maybe you’d like to keep a bit of hair and get creative with the style. Rather than the standard bikini trim or Brazilian, try a love heart, moustache or downward pointing arrow. When attempting such a style the darker and thicker your pubes are the better, but keep them cropped short or you won’t be able to see the design.

And… I’m cringing even as I type this, but as we are an Essex-based retailer… vajazzle anyone? If you’ve never heard of vajazzling, it’s a cosmetic procedure which involves completely shaving the pubic area then creating a design with jewels or rhinestones (a procedure first coined on The Only Way is Essex).



So if you’re getting bored of what you’ve got going on downstairs, pick up a razor and get creative… and maybe your parter would like to watch!

3 thoughts on “Fetish Friday – Can shaving be sexy?”

  1. Well, strange that. I’ve spent a lot of time trimming and shaving and all sorts of snipping, etc. The best thing is careful grooming. I’ve asked my partner to grow everything back. Men are men, and women are women. It’s time to celebrate our hirsuteness. It’s sexy, and I’m sure that most people enjoy it so long as it’s clean.

  2. I beg to differ that pubic hair has gone out of fashion! I’m a gay woman and I find another woman having a bit of a tuft extremely sexy! I love running my fingers through it 🙂

  3. Totally bare is the way to go for both parties. Me and my wife are totally shaved and the sex is fantastic — all variations of it.

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