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Cock Rings… What do they even do?

Cock rings are one of the easiest sex toys to introduce into the bedroom and one of the most effective in improving your performance. However, many people out there are still wondering what the big deal is. Hopefully this article will answer some of those frequently asked questions.

One of the main things about cock rings that make them such as good sex toy is that they are really easy to use. All you have to do is slip them onto the base of your penis before sex and you are ready to go. The way they work is that the ring holds the base of the penis firmly but not too tight and constricts the blood flow into the penis. Now this may sound like it will stop you from getting hard, but what is actually does is slow down the blood flow to help your erections last a lot longer, your length and girth to increase and your orgasms will be better than ever. Sounding good so far? Due to the cock ring keeping your stamina up, you can keep going for a lot longer, meaning your orgasm will build up slower and stronger making it much more powerful.

These many enhancements to your manhood are also benefits for your partner. If you are lasting longer and feeling more confident in yourself, then the results of that will show in your sex life. For women in particular it can take time to reach orgasm, therefore a cock ring is ideal for maintaining the stamina required to please your lady. Women often comment on how the girth of a penis makes a dramatic difference to how quickly they become aroused. With a woman’s sensitive nerve endings mostly at the entrance of the vagina, a thicker cock will stimulate those spots much more effectively. Another win for cock rings!

One thing that people can find baffling when shopping for these amazing toys is the variety of cock rings that are available. The more common variations include silicone, jelly, vibrating, metal, glass, textured and even rabbit cock rings. To make choosing your cock ring easier, these variations can be roughly put into two groups – adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable cock rings are what we would recommend anyone starting out with cock rings should use. Adjustable rings can consist of a loop of soft rope or leather that is tightened with a ball or snap fastening, or rings that are made with a stretchy material such as jelly and silicone that will stretch to fit most sizes.

Non-adjustable cock rings are often made of metal, steel, firm rubber or even glass. When choosing a firm cock ring you have to be sure that you use the correct size for you, these rings are popular because they are tight and therefore very effective but if you are using a cock ring that is too small for you then you run the risk of cutting off all blood to the penis and may also experience some difficulty removing the ring after use. But with the right size you will be amazed at the effects it can have on your manhood and on the quality of your sex life.

There is also a huge range of cock rings that feature added elements to provide more stimulation for your partner. Vibrating rings, rabbit cock rings and textured rings can be very popular with the ladies because they add some clitoral stimulation that never fails to please. The textures or vibrations from the ring will stimulate and tease her clit with every thrust and you can do it all hands free!

Vibrating cock rings can vary in both quality and price. Some vibes are made for one or two uses only and are therefore very affordable and ideal for trying a cock ring vibe out for the first time, however for those who love using these toys, there are more costly but higher quality rechargeable rings that can be reused over and over. So if you find the vibrating rings are your thing, then it would be well worth it to invest in a slightly more expensive and durable cock ring.

If this has aroused your cock ring curiosity or if you are looking for another ring to add to your toy box, then our newest competition! This week Bondara is giving away a fantastic Bullet Lastic Ring, a wonderful stretchy vibrating cock ring. To enter just use the rafflecopter entry form below before the 18th June!

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