Sex Toys We Simply Can’t Live Without

Who knows sex toys better than us? No one, we’d wager! So, we delved deep into our toy boxes and brought out the very best to share with you.

These are the sex toys (and more!) that we just cannot live without. Read on to get the juicy details…

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, They’re Sex Toys!

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Sex Toys We Simply Can't Live WIthout - Emerald Arouser Green Silicone 10 Function Vibrator

“For some reason, it reminds me of a pickle every time I see it in my toy drawer. It is a good toy and really hits the spot, but it took me a while to first use it as it just felt a bit like I was using cucumber.”

Emerald Arouser Green Silicone 10 Function Vibrator

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Sex Toys We Simply Can't Live WIthout - Crystal White Glow In The Dark Flogger

“It looks like a lightsaber!” – Jack

Crystal White Glow In The Dark Flogger

“My NEW Fave. It’s cool, looks techy, more like an atomiser, or even the MIB Neuralyzer (remember that for roleplay night!) than a sex toy, and it’s the perfect size to slip discreetly into any of my bags, ready and willing if a ‘me time’ opportunity happens to arise during the day!.. or if my arthritic knee needs a little massage 😉.” – Helen

Silver 10 Function Mini Wand Vibe

Winners for Beginners

“My first Bondara sex toy and still my favourite. Perfect for leg-shaking orgasms EVERY TIME!” – Mollie

Higher Power 14 Function Clitoral Suction & G-Spot Pulse Vibrator

“Don’t let the simple shape fool you; this is an excellent introduction to glass sex toys – esp if you’re looking for g-spot/p-spot stim. Smooth, firm, not really phallic, and easy to clean 10/10.” – A Determined Pervert

Glacier Glass Curved G-Spot Dildo – 5 Inch

“It is such a stunning colour, and it makes even small boobs look good. It is also really stretchy, so it is very comfortable.”

Bondara Flirt Envy Green Lace Bra & Suspender Knickers

“It was love at first use, haha! I was obsessed with the pump side of the toy, and the vibrating with the moving tongue bit make the perfect experience.” – Katie

Toygasm 8 Function 3-in-1 Licking Pussy Pump Vibrator

“It is so good for beginners! It has 16 functions, so as you get more into using sex toys, you can increase the intensity, which means you always find the right speed or pressure that takes you to your happy place.”

Mon Amour 16 Function Rabbit Vibrator

Discover Extraordinary Sex Toys (And More!)

“I love using this rope to create harnesses and simple cuffs. It’s incredibly soft and is a great length for exploring all kinds of bondage restraints! It’s so much fun to take turns tying each other up.” – Larissa

Black Luxury Braided Bondage Rope – 10m

“The warming function is flippin’ superb if it takes a while to get ‘warmed up’ or deal with pain from vaginismus or something like that. Also, it doesn’t look like a dick, and I see enough of those in the office. As in products, not colleagues!” – Laura

Hot Spot 10 Function Warming G-Spot Vibrator

“I’m creating a dildo army with this range! How could you not love them with the heart-shaped base? My Love Sucks collection is nearly complete!”

Mon Amour Love Sucks G-Spot Dildo – 6.4 or 7.7 Inch

“Well, it’s a lot more powerful than it looks, and my partner was very determined to use the highest setting.”

Supernatural 18 Function Massage Wand Vibrator

“So, I needed a toy to take on holiday, and this is about the size of an electric toothbrush. Certainly livened up a wet (lol) weekend away!”

Red Velvet 10 Function G-Spot Vibrator

So, now you know the Bondara staff’s top sex toys, will you grab any for your collection?

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