How to Talk Dirty

Looking for ways to spice up your sex life? We’re here to educate you on how to talk dirty. Don’t just waffle on about how the dishes need to be scrubbed and how the laundry has yet to be washed. It’s time to up the ante and give your partner something they really want to hear.

Why Use Dirty Talk?

Quiet or silent sex is a recipe for a disastrously dull experience – that is unless you’re in the library. Building the intensity between you and your partner is crucial and you can do it by delivering some dirty lines.

Dirty talk also builds intimacy. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, saying all the explicit, raunchy and wild stuff you want to experience can make you feel vulnerable in front of your partner. You have to trust that they won’t laugh and make you feel awkward.

Talking dirty is also so much fun. You get to let go, release your inhibitions and put it all out there. Verbalising your deepest wants heightens the sexual experience.

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Just a Little ‘Sext’

If this is your first time, fear not! Sexting is a great way to dip your toe in. Start off at the shallow end and work your way towards the deeper and dirtier stuff. Slowly pick up the passion while you text. A good rule of thumb with dirty talk is to be descriptive, so focus on specific acts, words and fantasies.

Start with something along the lines of “I’m really looking forward to seeing you tonight. I think we should have some fun ;).” Adding in a cheeky winking face or emoji to your proposition adds to the fun. You’ll already have your partner thinking about the possibilities of what could happen in the bedroom. Ramp up the temperature with some playful instruction.

  • ”You should have your pants off when I get home… I’m feeling frisky.”
  • ”If you could do anything you want to me, what would you do?”
  • ”It’s my turn to do all the work tonight. I’m going to take it so slow, you’re going to scream.”
  • ”Do you have any fantasies?”
  • “I really want to see you in some sexy lingerie tonight.”
  • “I’ve been playing with my vibrator tonight, but what I really want is you”

…Then What?

Be a little more descriptive as the conversation continues and don’t be afraid to put it out there; it will be returned! Try something like:

  • ”When I see you later, I’m going to undress you button by button. I’ll unzip your jeans, remove your boxers and throw them across the room. The next move is down to you”
  • ”It might sound greedy, but I want you on me so bad right now.”
  • ”What would you prefer I wear tonight? Lingerie? Or just a thong? Suspenders? Absolutely nothing”?
  • ”I’m supposed to be working, but all I can think about is you completely dominating me later.”

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After something with a bit more shock value? Here’s a variety of options for more explicit couples:

  • ”I want to run my tongue over your breasts and all the way down your body.”
  • ”I want to feel your hands all over me.”
  • ”I want to you until you can’t feel your legs.”
  • ”I’ll whisper in your ear to cum for me while you dig your nails into my back/ grab on to my hair’
  • “I can’t wait to have you in my mouth and hands.”

If you’re not into all the serious talk, try some wittier lines to get your partner giggling and turned on:

  • ”I’ve got a degree in engineering, so I’m pretty much qualified to blow your mind.”
  • ”I’ve had a full night’s sleep in preparation for what we’re about to do tonight.”
  • ”If I told you I think you have an amazing body, would you hold it against me? Please?”
  • ”Goodnight, and if you dream of me… remember, I like it rough.”

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Bedroom Talk

Once you’ve had them fantasising about you all day, it’s time to put words into action. But don’t think the talk stops there –  bring it to the bedroom with you!

As we said, being descriptive is a huge turn on for many people. There is nothing wrong with saying things such as, ”you look so hot right now’” and “I love having sex with you”. These are still stimulating dirty talk, but in a more appreciative and intimate manner.

Think about your tone of voice. Keep it low and smooth so you build sexual tension and to keep you on their mind. The pace of speech is important too. Speak slowly so your partner can soak up every word you say.

It’s All in the Seduction…

When we’re between the sheets, we know exactly what we want. Here are some lines to use whilst you’re in the heat of the moment:

  • ”Just lie back and let me take care of business.”
  • ”I love how you taste.”
  • ”I want you to take control. Tell me what you want me to do.”
  • ”I’ve been really bad and need to be punished.”
  • ”You feel so good I want to scream.”

Couple in bed with man on top kissing woman

Take it up a notch but avoid turning your blissful lovemaking into porno. There is a fine line between being seductive and being seedy.  For most people, swearing during sex is a hugely positive thing –again dependant on tone of voice. Feel free to throw in an ”oh fuck” or a “holy shit” if it feels good. Your partner will be getting off on the noise you’re making.

If you’re looking to get REALLY filthy, then the likelihood is you’ve already mastered the art of dirty talk. Just steer clear of the derogatory terms, unless that’s entirely your thing. Take a look at our bondage range for a more extreme experience.

After the Act

A great way to keep the passion going is to drop your partner a message the next day. Let them know how much you enjoyed the night before, and how you can’t take your mind off it. You can do this simply by reminding them of the best parts:

  • ”I’m supposed to be working but all I can think about is you on top of me.”
  • ”I can still taste you, mmm.”
  • ”I’m still feeling sore after last night ;).”
  • ”Just thinking about you makes me wet/hard.”

You’ll be keeping them on their toes throughout the day with any of these variations. Just make sure you’re both going into it on the same page!

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