Lock It Up! The Key to Chastity

It’s a natural human reaction to find something more tempting as soon we’re told not to do it! Red buttons, hot plates, orgasms… Well, it’s the same for chastity!

Chastity devices are for everyone – couples, singles or as part of a Dom(me)/sub relationship. However, for those who integrate it into their lifestyle, February 15th is not just the day after Valentine’s or Single’s Awareness Day; it is also International Male Chastity Day.

In its fifth year, Male Chastity Day started as a bit of fun between friends. Haven’t you heard of it before? We don’t blame you! This day isn’t the sort of celebration that card shops fill their shelves with, so don’t expect to find it in the ‘Be My Valentine’ section.

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Lock Up! The Key to Chastity

Why Stay Chaste?

Historically, women employed chastity to keep themselves ‘pure‘; now, it is more commonly used by men and those within the fetish and BDSM community. Chastity indulges kinks such as erotic humiliation or orgasm denial and demonstrates commitment in Dominant-submissive BDSM dynamics when the man agrees to surrender his sexual freedom.

But it’s not all bad! Unable to access his penis, the wearer has no choice but to explore other avenues of pleasure. It also helps him focus on his partner’s arousal and their orgasm, which can boost intimacy. For submissives, this erotic act of service to their Master or Mistress is a real turn on.

Secured with a padlock, the key-holder can decide when the wearer gets to enjoy the sexual release. When this eventually comes (pun intended), the built-up frustration leads to a deep, explosive, out-of-this-world climax that was worth the wait!

Types of Chastity Devices

Cock Cages

Holding the penis at a downward angle, the cock cage make getting an erection incredibly uncomfortable and virtually impossible. Cages, typically made from stainless steel or plastic, come either fully enclosed or with vents for hygiene.

It might come with a padlock and key to secure the cage in place. Alternatively, you can use single-use locks. These can be helpful when travelling as they are undetectable in airport metal detectors. So your Dom(me) will know if you’ve removed your cage prematurely!

Chastity Belts

Chastity belts are designed to be comfortable but restrictive. This prevents full access to the genital area. Some belts even incorporate butt plugs or wrist restraints for an extra thrill! Simply secure it with a padlock and give the key-holder complete confidence that they control your sexual pleasure at every step of the way.

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